A laundry room is a neglected space in most homes, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few DIY ideas, you can give the space a makeover and make it more enjoyable. These simple projects will turn your space into a beautiful and functional space without breaking the bank. The best laundry room makeover ideas with DIY don’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or merely a single room, there are many ways to customize your laundry area. With the right ideas and materials, you can have a brand new look in no time. There are many inexpensive and easy DIY ideas available to makeover your laundry room that you can choose from.

First of all, your laundry room can be remodeled by replacing its light fixture. Replaced lighting will add a sense of brightness, which will make your laundry room feel more inviting. A new light fixture also gives the area a stylish touch, and fun stencils can make your walls look even better. Choose a rug that matches the color of the cabinets. If you have a space between the storage cabinets and washer, you can install a small shelf in the wall. You can use this shelf to put a beautiful candle or a potted plant. Moreover, adding a DIY coat rack is another way to upgrade your room. A coat rack can be a decorative and functional piece. It adds extra storage. Instead of buying a new drying rack, you can make your own. Using DIY organizer can also be used to makeover your laundry room. Here are some laudry room makeover ideas with DIY may inspire you.

Wooden Buterblock Countertop from homebnc

Shelf Storage Above Washing Machine from homebnc

White Shelf from homebnc

DIY Rod Storage from homebnc

DIY Floating Shelf from homebnc

Wooden Shelf and Organizer from homebnc

Wallpaper Laundry Room from homebnc

Wooden Table Countertops from homebnc

DIY Large Sign Laundry Room from homebnc

Pink Paint Door from homebnc

Floating Table Laundry Room from homebnc

Wooden Beam Shelf from homebnc

Hanging Rod Cloth from hgtv

Hanging Rod Storage from hgtv

Industrial Table from hgtv

Butterfly Wallpaper Laundry Room from hgtv

Wooden Cabinet from hgtv

Pink Flower Wallpaper from hgtv

Sunburst Wallpaper from hgtv

 Yellow Wallpaper Laundry Room from hgtv

Wood Racks from thespruce

Wood Hanging Rod from thespruce

Single Hook Coat Style from thespruce

 Wooden Dividers from thespruce

 Wooden Contertp and Shelf from thespruce

DIY Wooden Shelves from thespruce

DIY Wooden Beam Shelf from thespruce

Window Seats Laundry Room from thespruce

Wooden Floating Shelf and Countertop  from homebnc

DIY Barn Door from homebnc

DIY Wooden Backsplash from homebnc

DIY Reclaimed Wooden Countertop and Self from homebnc

Industrial Floating Shelf from homebnc

Folding Drying Rack from homebnc

White Wooden Pallet Cabinet from homebnc

Wood Laundry Sign from homebnc

DIY Wooden Beam Shelf from homebnc

Pull-Out Iron Table from onekindesign

Floating Wire Shelf from onekindesign

White Barn Door from onekindesign

DIY Hanging Storage in Door from onekindesign

 Curtain Door from onekindesign

Hanging Wire Storage from onekindesign

DIY Wire Pendant Lamp  from onekindesign

DIY Wire Rack from onekindesign

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