If you ever found hula hoops lying around, and you don’t know what to do with them, the ideas below are created for you. Well, you will find out that the hula hoop can be used to make varied things from the DIY hoop wreath, rack, furniture, and more.

Hula Hoops Chandeliers

Hula hoops chandeliers Worthwhile DIY Hula Hoop Ideas For Useful Products And Decor


Your attention will stay for a long time on these hula hoop chandeliers that go special for events. The supplies you need for this project are a hula hoop, roll of streamers, white tape, and scissors. You can note that it is essential to have a specified color scheme to ensure the tape and the streamers match.

Hula Hoop Coffee Table

Hula hoop coffee table Worthwhile DIY Hula Hoop Ideas For Useful Products And DecorHula hoop coffee table Worthwhile DIY Hula Hoop Ideas For Useful Products And Decor


Have you ever seen a coffee table made from a hula hoop? This is the one. You can create this coffee table from 2 hula hoops, a glue gun, glue sticks, five shower curtain rings, spray paint, cardboard, and decorative trims. Here, the first hula hoop goes to the top while the other acts as a base. You must shape the cardboard into a circle to act as the sides. After that, you can decorate your table using spray paint and decorative trims.

Hula Hoop Shelves

Hula hoop shelves are a smart idea to hold light objects such as toys. The materials you need to create these shelves are hula hoop, wood rulers, wood glue, sandpaper, acrylic paint, brush, skewer, wax paper, X-acto knife, lego plate, protected paint surface, metal ruler, and E-6000 clear craft adhesive. Start by cut the wooden rulers to ensure they fit in the hoop. Next, leave enough space between the rulers. Then, glue the rulers to the hoop’s frame. Last, decorate your shelf using paints and brushes.

Hula Hoop Stands

Look at this magical cake stand that fits a fairy-tale theme. It looks so incredible because the cake stand is made from a hula hoop. The tools and materials you need are a hula hoop, craft knife, sprat paint, lumber, wooden oval plaque, a small piece of wood, electric screwdriver, screws, floral garland, and flowers. The use of lumber, a piece of wood, and the oval plaque for this project are to create a solid base since the hula hoop has no balance.

DIY Hula Hoop Photo Display

Whoever imagined a hula hoop can be transformed into beautiful photo albums? To create this hula hoop photo display, you will need a hula hoop, photos, a white ribbon, a glue gun,  faux green foliage, white faux flowers, and spray paints.

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