It will be nice to have a home office decor that fits our wish. The one who loves a more colorful space for the home office will choose vibrant colors. To get it not too busy, choose a color scheme even with bold ones. This way will help you to get calmer decor. Maximalists allow you to add more touches. You can combine some colors with the same pattern repeated. So, you will not feel hard to get focus on your home project.

Neutral Home Office

Neutral home office

You will love this home office decor with maximalist style. We adore the hot pink desk as well as the bold rug. Some touches of turquoise and striped curtains complete this neutral home office nook. This is the perfect decoration for a maximalist lover.

Home Office With Wallpaper

Home office with wallpaper

This adorable office nook looks pretty with bright floral wallpaper. It has white floating shelves that look cozy to works. And, the pink floating desk is interesting. There are lots of books and potted plants that look decorative.

Colorful Home Office With Tan Walls

Colorful home office with tan walls

What about this home office with tan walls? The decorator adds a rattan desk and a cart that looks so rustic. There are colorful decorative baskets on the wall that fill the space very well. Furthermore, it has a boho rug plus a pink chair cover to give a sweet look.

Home Office With Teal And Wallpaper Wall

Home office with teal and wallpaper wall

Look at the teal and wallpaper wall in this home office that works well for a modern room scheme. The owner adds a vintage desk. Then, it shows a navy chair works well with the red one. We love the colorful textiles and a creative lamp that completes this maximalist home office nook.

Bold Maximalist Home Office

Bold maximalist home office

The owner of this house loves teal printed wallpaper for the wall. Furthermore, the gallery wall adds artistic touches. After that, we love the desk and boldly printed chairs that are warm and cozy. Furthermore, the colorful lamp finishes this bold maximalist decor very well.

Home Office With Turquoise Accent Wall

Home office with turquoise accent wall

It is a great decision to paint the wall turquoise. So, the wall shows anything on it and in front of it clearly. See the white desk that is in contrast but eye-catching. Then, it has a green cabinet that looks fresh. There are lots of artworks and textiles in bold shades that beautify this space.

Boho Maximalist Home Office

Boho maximalist home office

The owner arranges a vintage desk and a hot pink stool to show a maximalist tone. Furthermore, the gallery wall and memo boards plus lights look great in a navy wall.


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