Do your kids love playing on the floor? Kids usually lay on the floor while watching a TV program. You might need a giant floor cushion for a larger kid. Instead of buying floor cushions, why don’t you make them by hand? They are easy to make. You will need some hours to make a giant cushion depending on the design and how you do it. Most crafters spend an hour finishing a floor cushion. Check out our ideas further and get inspired!

DIY Crocheted Floor Pillow

Diy crocheted floor cushion


Creating a crocheted floor pillow will need a few hours if you are a newbie. However, you can finish it faster. You will need a couple of old sheets and a crochet needle. Then, make one crocheted floor pillow as big as you want. The bigger, the longer. So, you should do this project on the weekend.

DIY Fabric Floor Cushion

If you have uncountable fabric stock in your wardrobe, change it to a DIY fabric floor cushion. Just cut them equal and sew. This simple project is easy. It will be done in an hour or more, depending on the size you want. Feel free to customize the design too.

DIY Pretty Button Pillow

This floor cushion is smaller but will work well for a kid. You can use scrap fabric or an old sheet to make it. So, adjust the size you want. You can make a big cushion using a yard fabric with any pattern you like. Just cut it out and sew it by following the instructions from here.

DIY IKEA Hack Floor Cushion

Do you have an old IKEA floor mat? Repurpose it into a floor cushion. What you need to do is draw the pattern. It does require sewing, but you don’t need an expert. Pick up the needle and thread. Then, start this project. It will need a few hours to finish.

DIY Gerald Floor Cushion

You will need a yard of fabric to make this pretty Gerald floor cushion. Look at the face that will make us smile. Draw the pattern. Use felt and black embroidery thread to make that whimsical face. This floor cushion is great for a gift to give to a friend too.

DIY Hawaiian Floor Cushion

You will need a yard of fabric to make the cushion. Then, decorate it using felt. Choose the design that represents a tropical flair. It will be great to improve your home with a summer feels too.  


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