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45 DIY Spice Rack Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

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Having a neat kitchen decoration is everyone’s dream. There are many ways that can be done to get a neat and organized kitchen. Because in the kitchen there are usually a lot of things, so you have to be smart in organizing them. Not only for large items, such as pots, pans, or other kitchen utensils, but also think about managing small items. Small items usually make your kitchen cluttered. In this case, you can start to organize your spices. You can organize them on the rack. Some of spice racks can be choose from. But, if you want a unique and inexpensive spice rack ideas, DIY spice racks are a good for you.

Whether you need more storage for your herbs and spices or are just tired of seeing the same old racks in your kitchen, you can turn to DIY spice rack ideas to organize your kitchen in two-tiered drawers. You can add divider into your drawer to organize your spices. Magnetic spice jars can be your options. Crisscross spice racks made of wood is a great idea to get a neat look. If you have no room for a traditional shelf, you can build a DIY spice rack to hang on the back of your door. Moreover, you can make a DIY pallet spice rack, chalkboard spice rack, concrete rack, copper spice rack, and more. Read on for more DIY spice rack ideas. To get started, simply follow these ideas.

Hanging Spice Storage Rack  from familyhandyman 

Two-Tier Spice Drawer  from familyhandyman Four-Tier Spice Rack Organizer from familyhandyman Magnetic Spice Jars from familyhandyman  Open Shelving Spice Rack from familyhandyman 

Reclaimed Wood Spice Rack from familyhandyman

Chalkboard Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Spice Gripper from balconygardenweb Reclaimed Wood and Copper Spice Rack  from balconygardenweb Pallet Rack from balconygardenweb Drawer Organizer  from balconygardenweb 3-Tier Spice Organizer  from balconygardenweb Designer Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Pull-Down Spice Rack from balconygardenwebWall-Mount Wire Spice Rack from balconygardenweb
Modular Walnut Spice Rack  from balconygardenweb Magnetic Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Magnetic Spice Shelf from balconygardenweb Soda Bottle Crate Spice Rack  from balconygardenweb Cork Test Tube Spice Rack  from balconygardenweb Spinning Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Scrap Wood Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Mini Hanging Jars from balconygardenweb Upcycled Crate Rack from balconygardenweb DIY Spice Drawer from balconygardenweb Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack from balconygardenweb Floating Spice Rack from balconygardenweb

DIY Hanging Spice Rack from balconygardenweb

Tubes Spice Rack from hgtv Magnetic Spice Rack from hgtv

Spice Drawer Storage from hgtv

Pull Out Rack from hgtv Iron Spice Rack from hgtv Bamboo Spice Stand from hgtv
Magnetic Spice Jar from hgtv Syrlig Curtain Clips Spice Rack from hgtv Sleek Steel Shelving from hgtv

Vintage Stamp Holder from hgtv Hanging Spice Rack from diycraftsy DIY Concrete Spice Rack  from diycraftsy Spice Rack for a Drawer from diycraftsy Pantry Door Spice Racks  from diycraftsy DIY Pallet Spice Rack from diycraftsy

DIY Wall Spice Rack from diycraftsy

Copper Spice Rack from diycraftsy

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