As the hanging ornament, a dream catcher has its own interesting side that will be quite different from the wreath or garland. It is believed that a dream catcher can catch the bad dreams and always bring the good dreams and hope for the one who displays it. To have it for your home is really recommended since it is not only pretty but also has a good function (in case you believe it). At least one dream catcher for your bedroom window is enough. You can make it yourself since making the DIY ornament for your own decoration could be awesome to adjust the need based on your home space and condition. Here are some ideas for the dream catcher designs that you can adapt.

Add with Flowers

Not only pretty, but flowers can also create a feminine impression for your home decoration. Even more, if you want to have a little bit glamorous or fierce impression on your pretty dream catcher, you can apply dark flower colors like dark blue, purple, or black roses. For the cheerful and fun flowers impression, you can choose yellow or orange. Check out these flower dream catcher designs.

Pink and Red Flower Dreamcatcher  from Acultivatednest

Colorful Floral Dreamcatcher from Momspark

Crochet Flower Dreamcatcher from Boredart

Purple Flower Dreamcatcher from Boredart

White Flower Dreamcatcher from Boredart

Sunflower Flower Dreamcatcher from Boredart

Light Blue Flower Dreamcatcher from Boredart

Soft Flower Dreamcatcher from Diyprojectsforteens

DIY White Dreamcatcher from Makingitinthemountains

Pink Floral Dreamcatcher from Hometalk

Colorful Floral Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Round Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Orange Flower Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Add with Lighting

Having a pretty low light lighting in the darkroom at night is really calming. In this case, making your dream catcher be your fairy light will be pretty. What you need to do is just installing the string light to the dream catcher. There are some lighting application ways that you can do as follow.

White Dreamcatcher from Notedlist

Yellow Dreamcatcher Light from Craftboxgirls

Heart Dreamcatcher from Designcorral

Blue Dreamcatcher from Designcorral

Large Dreamcatcher Light from Sumcoco

Long Dreamcatcher Light from Sumcoco

White and Blue Dreamcatcher from Sumcoco

Add with Leather

Even the dream catcher can be made into a classic Indian look by using leather material. You won’t get the pretty or cute impression with the leather, but it can be said that you will have such a strong character of a dream catcher. The leather dream catcher will fit well for men or boys with masculine characteristics.

Brown Leather Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Black and Brown Leather Dreamcatcher from Twelveoeightblog

Light Grey Leather Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

White Leather Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Beige Leather Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Round Black Leather Dreamcatcher from Fluxdecor

DIY Brown Leather Dreamcatcher from Fluxdecor

White Dreamcatcher with Brown Leather from Fluxdecor

DIY White Dreamcatcher from from Fluxdecor

Black Leather Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Cute Dreamcatcher from Forcreativejuice

Add with Ribbon

Need a simple yet pretty dream catcher? Simply tied some different color ribbons to your dream catcher and you’ll get what you need. It is not only simple but also cheap for you who have budget limitations. If you have kids, making this dream catcher together with them is really possible. Find the ideas in the pictures below.

Mermaid Dreamcatcher from Redtedart

Multi Color Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Diys

White and Gold Dreamcatcher from Mypinterventures

Unicorn Dreamcatcher from Hellowonderful

Colorful Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Agirlandagluegun

DIY Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Boredart

Beige Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Dagmarbleasdale

Mint Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Mypinterventures

Crochet Dreamcatcher with Ribbon from Prettydesigns

Patterned Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Cuded

DIY Colorful Ribbon Dreamcatcher from Cuded

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