Well, Disney’s timeless characters and heart-warming messages saw us through childhood and beyond. Besides, children and adults now are still love to watch and have Disney characters. Therefore, presenting Disney characters in your kid’s nursery room will be a great idea. Here below we have DIY Disney Nursery Theme Ideas To Have Most Magical Place At Home.

Alice In Wonderland Lamp

Alice in wonderland lamp DIY Disney Nursery Theme Ideas To Have Most Magical Place At Home


If you are dreaming of a Disney-themed nursery full of curious wonders, then this lamp project is the answer. You will need a standard lamp kit, a few second-hand chine pieces, a vinyl tree branch, and other supporting tools to complete the project.

Tinkerbell Lantern

Tinkerbell lantern DIY Disney Nursery Theme Ideas To Have Most Magical Place At Home


Look at this Tinkerbell lantern featuring that will become your favorite Disney accessory for your kid’s room. All you need to create this lantern are faith, trust, pixie dust, a small lantern, some vinyl, and a fake candle. Moreover, this project will take less than a half-hour to complete while the result is definitely wonderful.

Cinderella Bed Canopy

Your little princess may ever wish she could talk woodland creatures into doing her chores. Here, you can create feathery friends, modeled after Cinderella’s helpful crew may not be the real deal. Meanwhile, this incredibly sweet crib canopy may just be the next best thing.

Nemo Fish Bowl

It is not only cute for kids but also becoming a nostalgic moment for adult-like us who really love to watch Nemo movies. You can find an inexpensive fishbowl and some aquarium rocks. After that, you will heave the perfect home-away-from-home for your kids’ adventuring friends. Here, not to mention, this project creates an adorable nursery accessory to inspire a few giggles.

Mouse Ear Display

Most children are intended to collect bounce of mouse ears in different colors. Therefore, make it more gorgeous by displaying them just like an exhibition. You can remove the glass and backing of the mouse ear, install frames directly onto the wall, and mount your ears on nails. This technique ensures that they are ready to be taken off and worn at any time.

Micky Hoop Wreath

It is a simple Disney-inspired floral wreath that pretty cute as a perfect decor item for a baby’s room. It is made from inexpensive quilting hoops and silk flowers. In short, you will not spend more than $20 in half an hour to create this sweetest thing.

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