It will be such a great blessing if you have a large garden to grow your plants. Whether it is shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, succulents, cactus, or others. But, what if you only have a small garden? What should you plant? Actually, you can plant anything. Instead of searching for a new field to plant, it will be better for you to have built-in planters. You need to see our incredible built-in planter ideas to grow plants no matter for big or small garden space.

DIY Trellis Planter Box

Diy trenlis planter box


Do you want to see your flowers grow up freely? Look at this simple DY trellis planter box that anyone can make by hand. The trellis works well to support the growth of the flowers. Then, the planter box is the first place for your flowers to live.

Planter Boxes Mounted To The Deck

You can hang this planter box on your fence or deck. Sure, it is made of some wooden boards that arranged in a vertical way. Then, add the soils in each stage. Plant anything you want such as herbs, succulents, or cacti.

DIY Square Planter Bench

This is an ingenious way to build planter boxes and benches in one area. You see how wonderful the view around, didn’t you? Sitting on this bench while having a cup of coffee every morning will be more interesting than you think. Oh, you can hold a BBQ party as well.

Large Built-In Wooden Planter

The planter is made of wooden boards to add a rustic feeling to a front area. The owner of this house put this under the house number to give a fresh feeling. It looks big enough but nice to fill the empty space. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly project that anyone can do.

Plants On Brick Column

What about this? You don’t need to have professional skills to make this simple built-in planter. You only have to use the brick column to plant your flowers. Add planters on the top of the brick and around it to give a pretty look. Really simple!

DIY Stacked Concrete Block Planters

Make the concrete block planters by hand. Feel free to paint them in black just like the picture or you want to let them as they are. Arrange the concrete block planters in your front area or backyard. Add soils to each individual hole.

Mounted Wall Of Herb Planter Boxes

You can hang this mounted wall of herb planter boxes anywhere. We love the name on each box that shows the plant’s type. Herbs are more important to plant than others.


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