Who says that cotton balls are only can be used for makeup removal tools? Have you ever imagined creating something stunning this winter with cotton balls?  Here we have some references for you who want to have the coziest craft this winter with the only things you have at home. All the ideas are collected on DIY Coziest Cotton Plant And Balls Crafts As Décor Items This Winter. Stay tuned.

DIY Lush Christmas Centerpiece With Cotton And Evergreens

Flowers, cotton berries, and evergreen arranged into an arrangement will present a beautiful look. Then you can display it on the table using moss so it will be a perfect centerpiece. Evergreen and Cotton Centerpiece from @thebluedaisyfloral.

This dining table is equipped with potted evergeen and cotton so it will be an attractive looking centerpiece. The combination of white and green that is presented will provide a sharp contrast and look attractive. Potted Evergreen and Cotton Arrangement from @keyflowerevent.

Evergreen strung with this cotton will present a beautiful and refreshing look. Not only that, accents of berries, citrus, cinnamon and bow will make it look more festive. Evergreen and Cotton Arrangement from @re.vert.ph.

Beautiful Cotton Plants

This faux potted plant was made as a DIY project using twigs, cotton balls and born paper. Displayed in the corner of the room using a pot will make it look like a real plant and manage to steal the show. Corner Cotton Plant Display from @highcottonfloral.

Cotton balls, branches and brown paper strung together to make a potted plant craft looks very creative and inspiring. Decorated with bow makes it look very beautiful and attractive. Displaying it on the front porch will make it successful in stealing the show. Front Porch Cotton Display from @ikizlercicek.

DIY Cotton Garland

This DIY garland made using leaves and cotton balls successfully brings a natural touch to your home. You can hang this garland on the wall so that it will make your wall stand out more and manage to steal the show. Wall Garland from @pearlyo.

This fireplace is equipped with a garland made using cotton and evergreen so it looks very attractive. The white and green color combination of this garland manages to present a beautiful and refreshing look. Evergreen and Cotton Garland from @mamabuffalo__.

This garland is made by DIY project using cotton bales so it looks perfect in winter. You can hang it on an old headboard and lean it against the wall so that it will present an aesthetic appearance.  Cotton Ball Garland from @coastal_charm.

Cotton wreaths are perfect for winter and Christmas themes. You can put it on a fishing line and hang it in the fireplace so it will look attractive. White Garland from @swissperscotton.

DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

This cotton ball wreath craft is a never-failing winter decorating idea. Decorated with a green bow will make it look even more beautiful. Display by hanging will allow it to be exposed perfectly. Cotton Wreath with Bow from @emilysoulshine.

This wreath made using cotton manages to present a beautiful appearance with a natural touch. Having a circle design makes it look simpler. Hanging on a glass window will make it visible from both indoor and outdoor angles. White Cotton Ball Wreath from @farmhouseonelderhill.

You can string twigs and cotton balls into a wreath craft for winter decoration ideas. Then you can combine it with tobacco baseket so that it will present an aesthetic appearance. Tobacco Cotton Wreath from @roses_pines_.

This wreath made using a combination of cotton balls and redberries will bring a beautiful charm in winter. Decorated with a red bow and hung on the back chair will make the winter decoration look perfect.  Cotton and Redberries Wreath from @cvjetnistudio.

Cotton Ball Snowman

This snowman craft was made with a DIY project using cotton balls so it looks interesting. The creator added a felt scarf and hat to make it look so perfect and adorable. Mini Snowman from @real_estate_momma.

This Snowman is made using popsicle stick and cotton ball so it looks attractive and safe for children. Decorated with buttons, scarf and hat will make it look very beautiful and charming. Cotton and Popsicle Stick Snowman from @housingaforest.

Take a look at the image above. This circular snowman craft looks simple but still interesting. Made using a cotton ball on paper media by means of glue, this craft is quite easy to make. Round Snowman from @preschool_mom.

This cotton ball is assembled into a cute snowman craft. The creator used twigs to make the hands of this snowman so that it would make it look more aesthetic and manage to steal the show. Paper and Cotton Snowman from @dollardealteachers.

Cotton Ball Santa

This Santa craft is made using cardboard and cotton balls so it will present a unique and interesting look. The creator colored the hat using red paint so it would make it look more real. Cardboard and Cotton Santa from @preschoolfornuggys.

This cotton craft is very safe for children. Santa made using cotton balls on paper with a Santa pattern looks simple but very attractive. Cotton balls arranged neatly on top of the Santa pattern will bring out the perfect texture. Paper and Cotton Santa from @inspirationmadesimple.

Santa is one of the crafts that fits the Christmas theme. This time the Santa craft is made using paper and cotton balls so it is very safe for children. Having a red and white color combination will present an interesting contrast and look real. Red and White Santa from @natural_nanny.

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