Compassion and creativity are two very valuable qualities that we should all strive to inculcate in our children.


While working on a few DIY projects with your kids is sure to get their juices flowing and unleashing their artistic side, today’s projects will also make them more humane and compassionate.

Bird feeders are not only fun and easy to make, they are also as creative as things get in DIY. The designs mentioned in this article will be a delight for these seed-loving songbirds whose sight is sure to mesmerize you as well!

Just a heads up, you’ll have to handle some parts of this project yourself.

7 Super-Cool Bird Feeder DIY Projects For You & Your Kids

Let’s get started:

1. Bird Feeder Crafted Out Of A Stale Bagel

Got any leftover bagels (about to go stale) from a party? Well, let’s put them to good use!

Just cut the bagel into two halves, lengthwise, and then pass a smooth ribbon through the hole of each half (separately).

Tie the two ends of the ribbon, keeping half of the bagel in the loop, and then ask your kid to smear the bagel with peanut butter. In case your child is allergic to peanut butter, you can use any other substitute, given that it is edible and has a similar consistency.

After coating the bagel, just scoop up some bird seeds and spread them all over the bagel.

That’s pretty much it! Just hang it up in your backyard and watch a bunch of lovely birds eating from it 🙂

2. Bird Feeder Crafted Out Of Round Cereal

This is a simple one, and it is very similar to the previous project.

Just take a long, firm thread and secure one of it with a knot thick enough to prevent cereal rounds to slip through. Then ask your kid to put in some Cheerios or similar round cereal through the string until it fills up.

When that happens, fasten both ends together and then hang this bird feeder in your backyard for the feathery visitors to feast on.

3. Bird Feeder Crafted Out Of A Toilet Paper Roll

The fun part about DIY projects is that most of them make use of the stuff we take for granted otherwise. In this case, it’s your empty toilet paper roll.

Come to think of it, it is sort of a recycling project too, which makes it all the more worth pursuing.

This is just like the bagel bird feeder, except with a toilet paper roll instead of a stale bagel.

Pass a tough ribbon through the roll and fasten both ends firmly. Then have your kid smear the roll with either peanut butter or whatever works for you (should have a similar consistency).

The last part will be fun: ask your child to roll the smeared surface on a tray of birdseed (bound to cheer up the little one).

And that’s it, voila!

4. Bird Feeder Crafted Out Of An Orange Skin

This is another perfect idea for turning waste into something useful! 

Do you love oranges? If yes, then this project will be right up your alley.

The idea is simple: cut an orange in half, take out the pulp but don’t damage or tear the skin. Then make two holes on opposite ends, just below the margin (where you cut the orange in half), and pass a thread through both of them.

Secure both ends together with a firm knot, and then ask your kid to smear peanut butter on the inside of the orange skin, and then add a handful of bird seeds to it until it fills up properly.

That’s pretty much it.

5. Bird Feeder Crafted Out Of A Milk Carton

Another great for recycling waste materials, this DIY project will make use of an empty milk carton, and best of all: you can decorate it too!

It’s only temporary but hey, the fond memories of working with your children will last forever, and that’s something to look for.

The steps are simple: clean up the carton, especially from the inside. Cut a hole large enough for songbirds like sparrows (near the top), and then cut two small holes on the top and pass a ribbon through these holes.

Tie each end of the ribbon with each other.

Leave the rest to your kids, let them decorate it however they wish, but preferably with acrylic paints.

Fill it up with birdseed and then hand it in your backyard.

All done!

6. Using Craft Sticks For Your DIY Bird Feeder

This one is a bit tricky but it is worth your while and you can engage your kids in the project too.

All you need to do is to glue up a bunch of ice cream sticks or craft sticks to make a square base, and then glue up a stack of them on all sides, creating a box with a hollow space inside.

Fasten all for corners of this feeder with threads and then knot them all together.

Let your kids paint the whole ensemble to their liking, and when the paint dries out, fill it with birdseed and hang it on a tree branch.

This design will demand some hard work on your part but it is permanent so it will be worth it.

7. Using A Tin Can For Your DIY Bird Feeder

This is yet another minimalistic DIY project that you can make as good as you like.

The basic frame is simple: a tin can suspended with threads or ribbon (you will need to make holes into the can for this). To make it more fun, you can allow your kids to unleash their artistic potential on the can and make it as gorgeous as you like.

Once you feel like it is ready, fill it up and hang it in the backyard.

Bottom Line

The point with all of these DIY projects is not only to stimulate the creativity of your children and spending quality time with them but also to make them more compassionate. Setting up bird feeders around your house is a social service and a way for us to connect with nature.

In an ever-sophisticated world where we are all dominated by machines and screens, it is important to keep reminding ourselves that we are all connected with nature.

Planning such activities and engaging in relevant discussions with your children is sure to make them more appreciative of nature’s beauty and to see themselves as a part of it, a very beautiful part.

This one’s to our children, let’s hear from you in the comments section!

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