Let’s improve our living decoration with a new clock. It is a simple thing but will add much impact to our decor. Rather than using a usual clock, what about trying a geometric one? It will add a touch of a modern feel to your living room. Geometric patterns give us a simple design but look attractive. This pattern will add much more dynamic to a small house. See DIY geometric clocks in the list below and get inspired more!

DIY Geometric Color Block Clocks

Diy geometric color block clocks


It is a simple geometric design. It will bring a touch of fun feeling to your décor. Color-blocked clocks with intense color pairings work well for any modern setting. Are you ready? Make this clock and start to match colors and geometric shapes. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Modern Starburst Clock

What about this starburst clock? It will improve your living room with luxury. You can see the tutorial from Realitydaydream and make it in your version. You will need a clock machine, wooden planks, and wire sticks. Cutting the planks might take several minutes, but you will love the results.

DIY Fabric Hexagon Clock

Gather the supplies. You will need a hexagon template, sheet of heavy paper, pencil, fabric pen, scissors, X-Acto knife, craft glue, clock machines, and a quarter of modern fabric. Start by using creating hexagon shapes. Then, see the tutorials here.

DIY Wooden Triangle Clock

The clock shouldn’t have on the wall. Try this DIY wooden triangle clock that would be great on the table. The modern design makes your home looks sophisticated. Furthermore, this clock will work well with rustic décor as well. This versatile clock is easy to make. Check out the tutorial from Hellolidy.

DIY Hexagon Marble Clock

Impress anyone who comes to your home with this DIY marble clock. The purpose of it is to show the time. With its elegant tone, you will bring your living room décor to the next level. While this clock acts as a décor element too. Make it soon after seeing the instructions here.

DIY Octagon Cork Clock

What a cool clock! Hang it or put it on the table against the wall. It adds a modest and clean look to your decor. You will need cork board, thick card stock, an X-Acto knife, a pencil, ruler, glue, spar paint, tape, a drill, and a clock machine. See the tutorials from Hellolidy and make it in your version.



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