Living rooms are the most commonplace that should be redecorated periodically. When your friends come to see your house, they will see your living room at first. Decorating a living room will not be so hard as long as you have the materials needed. It shouldn’t have to with expensive elements as well since you can make DIY living room projects. However, you will spend some hours making your own DIY to upgrade your living room decor. Check out our inspiring ideas below to get more inspiration.

Easy DIY Birch Wood Candle Holders

Easy diy birch wood candle holders


Buy driftwoods to make these easy DIY birch wood candle holders. First of all, make the holes through the woods and fill them with the candle you have. Feel free to choose colorful candles. Then, tie the woods with a rope. These are so rustic and chic for your living room.

Rock On Pebble DIY

If you can get pebbles easily, it is time to make some DIYs with them. Look at this picture that shows an awesome frame made of pebbles and a box with pebbles. You can make similar projects or do your own idea using pebbles as well. You might paint the pebbles, write something on them, or etcetera.

Pom Pom Array DIY

You can make anything with pom poms. In this section, we show you a cool pom pom array that looks so attractive to fill your empty living room wall. This colorful DIY will directly improve your decor and make it looks so gorgeous.

DIY Letters On Living Room Wall

What a fabulous idea is! You can make a similar project with your own personal touches. Write quotations or any messages you want on the wall in a different way. The letters can be made of wood, copper, stereo form, or anything.

Arm Sofa Table For Coffee

What do you think of this arm sofa table? It looks so functional and easy to make. Prepare a wood palette to make the table and its leg. This table looks great to keep your coffee when you read a magazine. Just grab the materials from craft stores.

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

We will need more wood palettes to make DIY honeycomb shelves. However, you need to have at least basic woodworking skills. Because, you will work with a hammer, nails, and wood palettes that need to cut. Then, you will need a sense of artistic feel to get cool honeycomb shelves on your living room wall.

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