Are you looking for an inexpensive and unique home decoration for Christmas? Do you need something that is easily to obtain and could potentially bring out your creative side? Or perhaps, you need a simple decoration with less time? DIY Christmas painted rock is the answer.

You can find rocks on your garden or the river bank or even the shore. Those rocks could make the whole space become a little bit more artsy. Some people find rocks that have unique formation or color, but apart from that, the normal flat rocks can be painted and you can use it to design your home for Christmas. Check out these 10 ideas of DIY Christmas painted rock design below.

This painted rock has a ginger house theme so it will make it look absolutely perfect. The combination of several colors produced from this painted rock managed to present a festive look. Having a shape that resembles a triangle will make it look like a real gingerhouse. Ginger House Painted Rock from @sweetsbymrsc.

These whitewashed rocks look clean and make the perfect backdrop. This elf pattern on the rock is hand painted, making it look very creative. This elf-painted stone craft is perfect for Christmas decorations. Having a small size will make it look quite adorable and manage to steal attention. Elf Painted Rock from @moonriverrocks.

This Christmas tree pattern on stone media was made with a DIY project so that it will present a creative look. Having a green theme and a red background will make this Painting Stone craft match the Christmas theme. This painted rock craft is quite easy to make and will never fail for a Christmas theme. Christmas Tree Painted Rock from @drkimskids.

This candy cane stone craft has a white background so that it will present a neutral look. The candy cane pattern made by hand painted will present a fairly high artistic value and manage to steal the attention. Having a small size, will make this painted rock suitable for any decoration in your home. Candy Cane Painted Rock from @an_original_susieq.

This Santa craft is made by hand painted on stone media so that it looks different from usual. Having several color themes, this Santa Painted Rock managed to present a creative and inspirational look. This craft is quite easy to make and is suitable for a Christmas theme. Santa Painted Rock from @jojospaintedrocks.

Creative and inspiring. This Christmas rock craft is made by hand painted so that it manages to present a creative look. Having a gnome theme and colorful sting light, will create a more festive look. Gnome Painted Rock from @jojospaintedrocks.

This snowman craft was made with a DIY project using rock media that has a flat shape. A snowman pattern made by hand painted will look very interesting. This painting stone has a pink background so it is liked by many women. Snowman Panted Rock from @creativity_for_days.

The red car is one of the accents that match the Christmas theme. Here you can make a red car craft by hand painted using rock media so it will look more creative. Decorated with white polka dots that will look like snow will make this craft look absolutely perfect. Red Car Painted Rock from @wickedstitchery.

Cute and adorable. This Rudolph pattern is made with a hand painted method on rock so that it will present a different look than usual. Having a brown color theme and a blue background will make it present a very sharp contrast and look attractive. Rudolph Painted Rock from @stone_of_heart_.

Make creative Christmas crafts! Making painted rock crafts is an interesting idea. Let it Snow sign is made by hand painted so that it can be adjusted as desired. Having a plaid background with a red and black color theme will make it look perfect at Christmas celebrations. Let it Snow Painted Rock from @rockdesigns_jekp.


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