Wreaths are more fun to do if you make them out of things that can be eaten. Check all the ideas on DIY Marvelous Edible Wreaths For Inspiring Christmas Decor.

Gingerbread Cookie Wreath

DIY Marvelous Edible Wreaths For Inspiring Christmas Decor


If you want to make a wreath out of cookies but you’d rather have a little more flavor than just simple sugar cookies, this gingerbread cookie wreath is the answer. Start by cutting out a circle from some thick cardboard. Next, use the reserved royal icing to attach the snowflake cookies to the wreath form. Last, continue overlapping and attaching cookies with the royal icing to your wreath form until it’s filled.

Cupcake Wreath

DIY Marvelous Edible Wreaths For Inspiring Christmas Decor


This cute little circle of cupcakes is an easy project as a very kid-friendly cupcake decorating activity. The supplies you need are 18 cupcakes baked, 3 tubs of store-bought vanilla icing, white fondant, pink gel paste, holly leaf plunger cutter, gold gumballs, hot pink six let candies and decorative ribbon.

Rock Candy Wreath

Rock candy wreath is so stunning to your front door decor. This rock-candy wreath will last much longer than a real evergreen one. First, trim the ends of about 100 green and nine red rock-candy sticks to one inch and poke them into a 12-inch round-edged extruded foam wreath. Be sure to use a sturdy hook to hang this one because the sugar sticks are heavy!

Marshmallow Wreath

If you are already thinking about Christmas crafting ideas this year to do with your kids while they’re home from school because they’re little busy bees who always want to try something new, this idea is a great choice. The supplies you need are 3 large bags of large marshmallows, tons of toothpicks, a foam wreath base, Christmas ribbon, and white yarn.

Gumdrop Wreath

Spruce up your front door with this cute, festive, and edible gumdrop wreath. The supplies you need are 1 styrofoam wreath, about 335 gumdrops, about 100 spice drops, a hot glue gun, ribbon, and adhesive spray. You can start by tying a ribbon to the top of the wreath so you can hang it once it’s done. After that, arrange a layer of gumdrops on the edge of the wreath. Then, alternate the colors to create a really colorful look.


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