There are always creative ideas to enhance your yard look. The ideas are never endless. Especially if you fulfill all the important elements. One of them is incorporating a water feature into your yard landscape. In this case, you can make a pond. To add a pond as a water feature to your yard is not difficult and requires high costs. Even with inexepensive and upcycled items, you can make your own pond. All you need is some DIY ideas. Related to that, whether you’re looking to create a new pond or renovate an existing one, there are plenty of DIY pond ideas from upcycled items you can use to make your pond more functional and beautiful.

In order to make DIY pond from upcycled items, you can use some items around your home. For example, if you have an old bath tub or hot tub, you can turn it to become a great pond. You can use the tubs to create a bright and colorful pond. Another option is to use an old boat. You can make it into a freestanding raised pond. Next, the pond doesn’t have to be big, you can make a small version using a bucket or pot that you don’t use anymore. All you have to do is just clean them then fill them with some water. You can also add plants to enhance the look of your pond. Moreover, a wine barrel can be used to create your DIY pond. Furthermore, here are DIY pond ideas from upcycled items.

Tire Pond from renoguide

Chainise Poted Pond from countryliving

Galvanized Bath Pond from countryliving

Raised Bed Pond from countryliving

Canoe Pond from morningchores DIY Long Galvanized Pond  from morningchores

DIY Wine Barrel Pond Feature from morningchores

DIY Mini Galvanized Pond  from apieceofrainbow  Stock Tank Pond from apieceofrainbow  Potted Pond from apieceofrainbow  DIY Wooden Box Pond from apieceofrainbow  DIY Win Barrel Pond from apieceofrainbow  DIY Bathtub Underground Pond from apieceofrainbow 

Bowl Pond from apieceofrainbow

Upcyled Wine Barrel Pond from decoist Wooden Box Pond from decoist DIY Bathtub Pond from decoist Large Galvanized Pond from decoist

Water Canoe Pond from decoist

Mini Pond from diygarden Container Pond from diygarden Wooden Beam Pond from diygarden Metal Pond from diygarden Upcyle Bathtub Pond from diygardenRaised Wooden Pond from diygarden Mini Metal Pond from diygarden Two Galvanized Bucket Pond from diygarden

Upcyle Pond Sink from diygarden

DIY Potted Pond from woohome Small Pond from woohome DIY Small Pond from woohome DIY Stone Pond from woohome Galvanized Pond from woohome White Potted Pond from woohome Curved Poted Pond from woohome

Small Concrete Pond from woohome

DIY Pond Pot from fishkeepingforever DIY Wine Barrel Pond from fishkeepingforever Wooden Oak Pond from fishkeepingforever DIY Jacuzzi Pond from fishkeepingforever Upcyle Wooden Stump Pond from fishkeepingforeverGalvanized Metal Stock Tub Pond from fishkeepingforever Orb Pond from fishkeepingforever

DIY Koi Pond from fishkeepingforever

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