Christmas is here!!! It’s time for us to start preparing the ideas and decoration material for Christmas. And this year since a lot of things has been going around, let’s make a decoration that gives a feeling of freshness and sweetness for our guest. And for that let’s take a look at DIY Decoration That Will Make You Feel Fresh And Warm In This Christmas and let’s make your guest feel warm and comfortable.

Candy Cane

This wreath is made using candy cane material so it looks more attractive and manages to steal the show. Having a circular shape and hanging on the wall will make it the perfect focal point. Wall Wreath from @marybellaskk.

This door is decorated with candy cane wreath so it looks prettier at Christmas celebrations. Having a circle shape and being hung using a rope will make it successful in stealing attention. Door Wreath from @awhitleyhome.

This garland is made using candy canes so it will present a beautiful and attractive Christmas look. Hanging on the window will make it the perfect window treatment at Christmas celebrations. Garland from @emmys_vintage_cottage.

Dried Citrus Christmas Garland

This dried citrus garland was made as a DIY project and manages to present an interesting look. Hanging in the stair case with evergreen garland will bring a fresh look at Christmas celebrations. Stair Case Garland from @minimalist_christmas.

This Christmas decoration is decorated with citrus garland so that it will present an aesthetic appearance. Hanging it on a wall rack together with evergreens will make it look even more beautiful and will never fail at Christmas celebrations. Dried Citrus Garland from @johannajunee.

Make the room feel fresher with this Citrus Garland. The method is very easy, you only need to slice the dried oranges and string them into a garland. You can hang it in the fireplace with a pom pom garland. Pom Pom and Citrus Garland from @westaveco.

Paper Plates

This Christmas tree ornament is made using paper plates so it looks unique and attractive. Decorated with pom poms and Knick knack it will make it look very festive. White Paper Plate Tree from @play_projects_at_home_.

Using a paper plate to make a Christmas tree ornament will give it a unique look. Painted in green and decorated with various ornaments will make it look very festive. Green Paper Plate Tree from @loulifewithboys.

This wreath is made using paper plate so it looks creative and safe for children. Having a combination of red, green and white will make it look perfect at Christmas celebrations. Paper Plate Wreath from @playwithnina.

Tobacco Basket Wreath

The red fabric that is strung into a wreath and put into the tobacco basket manages to present an attractive appearance. Hanging it on the wall will make your dining stand out and steal the show. Red Fabric and Tobacco Wreath from @anchorsandoars.

The tobacco basket that is strung together with evergreens, pine cones and leaves is a wreath so that it will never fail at Christmas celebrations. Placing it on top of the mantel makes it perfectly exposed. Leaves and Tobacco Wreath from @idlewilddesignscanada.

This wreath is made using tobacco so it will present an aesthetic appearance. Complemented with pine cones, evergreens and leaves will make it look fresher. Evergreen and Tobacco Wreath from @lastinglites.

Tobacco baskets strung together with plaid faux flowers, evergreens and others make a beautiful wreath. Hanging at the front door will make it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who sees it. Front Door Wreath from @peerlisscrafts.

Staircase Bows

Decorating the stair case with garlands is a really perfect idea. Then you can decorate it with a green bow so it looks pretty and festive at the same time. Green Bow from @oldcampbell_lakehouse.

Using a bow to complete the staircase decoration is an interesting idea. Here you can put a bow on the stair garland so it will look beautiful and festive. Red Bow from @winterlover2023.

Layered Garland

The red pom poms hanging on the coat along with the white pom poms will present a quite festive look. Then you can also add sock ornaments to make it look attractive. White and Red Pom Pom Garland from @puttingtheoinhome.

This winter mantel looks very festive decorated with layered garlands. This star garland and lighted evergreen garland can never fail at Christmas celebrations. Star and Evergreen Garland from @countrygirlathome9.

This layered garland is made with a DIY project for mantel decoration ideas so it will look very festive. A DIY project and a few designs will make this layered garland a steal of the show. Layered Garland from @hardcastletowers.

Book Tree

This Christmas tree decoration is made using books so it looks unique and different from usual. Decorated with jingle bells, garland and snowflake ornaments will make it look very stunning. Table Top Christmas Tree from @late.night.library.

It may look simple, but if you look closely, these DIY decorations are very sophisticated. Look at how these books are neatly stacked to form a Christmas tree. Decorated with a bow at the top will make it look very beautiful. Book Christmas Tree from @books.donuts.darkroast.



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