If you have many unused wine bottles at your warehouse, you can transform it into a better thing. Collect some wine bottles and clean it. With the touch of creativity, those unused bottles will be useful for your garden. Here are some creative way to use wine bottles for beautify for your garden;

Garden Path from Wine Bottles

Using unused wine bottles as garden pathway will be a great idea. Since, it will look amazing and inexpensive. You only have to plant some bottles and arrange it one by one to make looks tidy and astonishing.

Hummingbird Feeder

If you are worried with your own budget to buy hummingbird feeder, you can make it by yourself. With beautiful design, this wine bottle will attract the bird to come and feed from it. So, don’t throw your unused wine bottle and try to re purpose it.

Wine Bottle Vase

Look at the vase on the picture above! It will make your room more beautiful as well. The good news is that, you can make it by yourself. Moreover, you can put any flower on it even without cutting the root before.

Water Fountain

This is a cool idea, isn’t it? Recycling unused wine bottle for water fountain help you to reduce your budget. Your garden will look unique and fresh. With simple step you can make this bottle fountain in a minute.

Wine Bottle Torch

Recycling your wine bottle into torch helps you to lighten your outdoor. This wine bottle torch also will give aesthetic value for your outdoor. It looks good for a modern or traditional house style.

Self Watering Planter

Planting terracotta needs much water to keep it alive and grow. So, you need to have self watering planter to keep your terracotta. Congratulation! You can use wine bottle recycling to make it. So, you don’t have to buy it.

Wine Bottle Terrarium

Making terrarium is not hard. It doesn’t require specific skill. Even, kindergarten scholars can make it by their own selves.  You only have to open the bottle and put on some plants there. After that keep it alive by maintenance it well every day.

Wine Bottle Upside down Planter

Give your garden new plants that will upgrade the look. Hang some wine bottle on your terrace after you arrange the sand paper and plants. Make sure to choose plants that will grow upside down well. Pay attention to maintenance it regularly.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Make your garden brighter at night by using this wine bottle chandelier. Mix with wine bottle potted plant to grow planters. It looks amazing to be placed anywhere at your house.




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