Cardboard is certainly one of those junk items that are easily found anywhere. After we give the goods or certain products, there will always be cardboard remaining and unused, so do not immediately discarded first. You can use a used cardboard to be a valuable item. From the magazine rack to the light sleep you know.

  1. File Folder


Got plenty of used cereal boxes? Take advantage of just be a file folder, you just need wrapping paper wrapping, scissors and masking tape. Instantly in the series will be a very useful item.

  1. Make up Box


Used shoe boxes filled with partitions of cardboard and coated wrapping paper will be a pretty box for storing makeup gear to keep from scattering and missing.

  1. Cool magazine rack


Cut the cereal box with the shape as in the picture and then wrap it with wrapping paper. Now you have a cool magazine rack that you can use without you having to buy another new shelf.

  1. Unique wall accessories


Cardboard pizza should not be thrown away, you can turn it into a unique wall decoration for rooms and rooms. Nice and unique to display.

  1. Partition storage lot of goods


Have cardboard cartons of instant noodles or mineral water? Cut and make partitions to adjust the contents of the drawer so as not to fall apart. Very useful.

  1. Stationery place


Want to make the stationery cool? You can use the box of cereal and cardboard rolls. That way you do not have to buy an expensive place anymore.

  1. Refrigerator accessories


Just cut out, wrap with wrapping paper and give a magnet, you have a folder that can be affixed in the refrigerator.

  1. Storage Box Beautiful


You can have this beautiful storage box without you buy it. Follow the tutorial in this picture. Simple and easy to create but beautiful.

  1. The Sleeping light is wonderful


Hole with the needle according to the pattern and the picture on the cereal box then insert the cable light into it.

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