Do you know about biophilic? It is about a love of life or living things. You can make your home looks more alive with living things; in this case we can call it living plants. Well. Adding living plants inside will give us more benefit. We will have a beautiful green space in our room. Then, it gives us plenty of oxygen. Furthermore, it makes us healthier day by day. So, what can we do to create biophilic space in our room? Check out our ideas further below and get more inspirations.

Bonsai Tree Garden for Home

Bonsai tree garden for home


After working in a full day, it will be nice to see some trees around our rooms. What about bonsai trees? They are cute and unique with short trunk and green leaves. We can plant it inside because it doesn’t need a spacious lot. Use terracotta pots or any pot you have to plant as many as bonsai trees you want.

A Desktop Zen Garden

It is easy to have tiny garden in your desk. You will need a tray, some rocks, sands or soils, and succulents. This fabulous indoor garden will make your table appear more natural. Then, it will make us feel fresh anytime we see it.

With Natural Wood Desk

Seeing a natural thing will give us a better feeling. Look at the natural wood desk in the picture! It reminds us about the beauty of forests. You will need a wood plank. It is easy to make the table by hand. However, you should at least have basic woodworking skills.

DIY Indoor Water Fountain

The sounds of running water will make us feel calm and cozy. Make a water fountain and put it inside. Then, we will feel like in a waterfall area. Check out here to know more about how to make an indoor water fountain.

Small Crystal Garden Display

It is a pretty crystal garden. You can make it by hand in less than an hour. The green plants and crystals remind us about the hills. It looks so luxurious to have it in our room. What do you think?

DIY Desk Aquarium

Adding a glass aquarium on the desk is brilliant. It reminds us about the pool with fish and other creatures inside. Seeing them on the desk will get rid of stress in our mind. Feel free to design your aquarium as you wish. Then, see how it will affect our feeling everyday.

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