Burlap is a material that so easy to find and there are so many things that you can make with it. Since burlap is quite popular nowadays, we decided to give you these 22 DIY ideas that you can make using burlap. Grab your burlap and get started on one of these amazing projects.

You just need enough burlap to create the pillow and then of course, the stuffing!

You just apply the burlap material to your wreath form, or you could make it from wire if you prefer, and then add whatever decorations you want to make this DIY burlap wreath

This lace and burlap table runner is as easy to make as it is beautiful

This great bed skirt has loads of ruffles and is perfect in burlap for those of you looking to add a real rustic feel to your homes

This burlap shower curtain project uses fabric glue and an iron to keep everything in place

This burlap canvas is a great project that is perfect for keeping photos or even notes

These little planters are easy to make and the perfect way to display your lovely spring flowers

Clean the can thoroughly and then glue the burlap all the way around

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When it is gifted in a burlap wine bag, the entire gift seems extra special

This neat fabric box is made using a recycled burlap coffee bag

This is such a simple and beautiful way to dress up a plain glass container

These burlap napkin rings are anything but rustic. They have a very elegant look and would be appropriate for the most formal table

These burlap and leather coasters aren’t only useful, they are also very attractive and unique

Put together a whimsical burlap ornament

Burlap utensil holders can be used for different occasions that vary in formality, from picnics to wedding receptions

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To make a burlap table runner you need burlap fabric, a stencil of your choice, all-purpose craft paint, foam brushes and masking tape

To make the flowers you need heavy gauge wire, florist tape, burlap and flower centers

For some reason all these fruits look better in a burlap bowl

To make a calendar, use tightly woven burlap and a sharpie

You can frame burlap and make themed decorations

Embroider a piece of burlap and give it all sorts of interesting designs inspired by a ton of beautiful things

This burlap placemat project is so simple you don’t even need instructions

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