For gardener, planter is no.2 most important things after the plantation itself. Not only to give the plants a home, planter can also work to satisfy your aesthetic feeling. If you go shop, you’ll only end up buying an ordinary planter. Hey, let’s make it on your own!

Symmetrical, strong and distinctly beautiful, these concrete cinder blocks are undoubtedly one of the best outdoor planter ideas in the list

Get the crate out and turn it into a striking outdoor planter for your incredibly and vibrantly colored sweet flowers

This amazing container gardening idea is the best way to take the pleasure of colorful flowers all year round

Get your usable pallet woods and create a gorgeous container for housing two large pots together in an interesting manner

Combine succulents and pallets together and boost the appealing factor of your yard

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You can use an old laundry basket for this project or buy a new wicker basket

With an old wagon wheel, you can create an impressive display of succulents

This is a simple idea that provides some shabby chic charm to your garden

Replace the seat of an old chair with a flower basket

Find an old metal toolbox at an antique store or yard sale and turn it into a unique container that especially suited to succulents

Anyone who is handy with a hatchet can easily create this planter

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Three-tiered planter box for smaller flowers

This DIY project is simple to put together and produces a planter with texture and pattern

Simple wooden planter box with plastic inserts

Galvanized tub planter box

Any simple planter box can be dressed up by attaching a trellis

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