Who said a makeover costs a lot of money? There is one way to give your stuff a new look even if you are on a budget: spray paint! We’ve found 19 of the most creative spray paint projects that you can imagine. Scroll down and choose one for your next DIY projects. Grab this spray gun and get started!

You just recycle those old soup cans, clean them up and spray paint them whatever colors you want

You can breathe new life into a faded old chandelier or give a makeover to a new one with a simple can of spray paint

Just hit your old chair with a few coats of gold spray paint and you’ve got a stunning chair for your foyer

Instead of buying new lighting, just change up what you have only by spray painting them

A simple plastic tub can be turned into this amazing galvanized looking tub with just a single can of metallic silver spray paint

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Whether you’re trying to replicate the look of a pricier rug or just hoping to give a second life to one that’s been well-trod, spray paint can get the job done

Use a can of spray paint to revamp your current light fixture

Painting your registers might not be high on your priority list, but you’ll be amazed at the impact it makes in a room

If your brass fireplace screen seem a little bad, slap on some spray paint to give your screen an attitude adjustment

Wicker furniture can quickly show signs of wear and tear and the easiest way to get wicker looking new again is a once (or more) over with a can of spray paint

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Why just use one color, when you can use two

Spray paint was this old basket and turned it into a side table

Make this basic fan more decor friendly with a few coats of spray paint

If you don’t need a lamp, and you don’t need a lamp slip – how about a side table

Don’t donate that outdated lamp, just give it a coat of white paint and it will look like new again

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Use Washi tape to leave a stylized design behind

Save your stuff in spray painted paper bags

Decorate with some dollar store rattan

Disassemble a fan to make it more presentable

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