The reason why we make this article today is simply because we all hate looking at a blank wall space. And these DIY floating shelves will solve those problem easily. And plus, you will have more space to keep your stuff. Whether they be your favorite book, photographs, framed certificates, anything! Just say goodbye to the ugly blank wall space and scroll down to find some inspirations.

Space saving practical and pretty corner shelves

Simple and elegant long floating shelves

Elegant farm style kitchen heavy duty floating shelves

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Two floating cubic shelves

Create a gallery wall with more depth by laying out a pattern with floating shelves instead of hanging framed artwork

Opt for thin, sleek shelves

Laidback reclaimed wood floating shelves

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To make this floating shelves we only need two 1×6 boards, one 1×4, one 2×4 and a few screws

This DIY floating book bedside table shelf legitimately has the look of floating in mid-air

These floating shelves with faux rivets will make it easy to get the shelves in

These DIY floating shelves are wooden, thick, bold, and full of charming energy, perfect for a living room

All you need for this DIY project is a stain of your choosing, screws, a drill with a drill bit, and wood

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