PVC is one of the most produced synthetic plastic polymers that comes in both rigid and flexible forms. After serving the primary home plumbing needs, PVC pipes are becoming one of the most preferred material in DIY project. The PVC DIY projects are cost-effective and easy to make. Just stack simply the PVC pipes, spray paint and decorate them to get stunning DIY project using PVC pipes. Here are  9 DIY projects out of PVC pipe you should make below.

1. DIY PVC Bike Rack


If you have a crazy pile of bikes at home, this DIY project is something that you need. This PVC bike rack will help you to park your cycles and kids bikes with no tangle.

2. DIY PVC Aquaponic Garden

Clone this aquaponic garden using couple of PVC metal pipes, elbows and other custom joints. This project is also great for you who have small garden space.

3. DIY PVC Pipe Baby Gym

Give your baby this cool PVC gym by hanging colorful toys to attract baby’s eyes over the PVC pipe. This kind of exercise can induce the baby to make some physical efforts for a healthy life gain.

4. DIY PVC Pipe Handled Tool Rack

Bring an old wood slats and tiny PVC pipe lengths to make this clever racking and storage systems; chopped lengths of discarded PVC pipes and put it to the wood slats.

5. DIY PVC Pipe Lamps

Prepare custom PVC pipe lengths, cut out different patterns and artistic shapes from their surface and put a custom bulb or custom light inside, and a beautiful PVC table lamp is ready to brighten your space.

6. DIY PVC Tend for Kids

Provide a private space for your kids by making this gorgeous DIY project.

7. PVC Desk Organizers

Gather some PVC pipe leftovers, spray paint them and give sharp cuts to one side of them! Adjust them neatly over a cardboard and remove the excess of cardboard for a beautiful desk organizer!

8. DIY PVC Centerpiece

Trimmed down lengths of PVC pipes, spray painted them and filled with faux or read flowers for precious centerpieces for your home.

9. Self-Standing PVC Pipe Coat Rack

Organizing clothes is often time consuming but would be not surely if you are having this PVC coat rack. It can stand itself and is super quick to build.


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