If you have some old towel that no longer being used anymore, reuse them into something good. You can make it as something useful for your house. Check out these 8 clever and easy DIY ideas to make from old towel below. Happy DIY-ing!

1. Cat Hammock


Fold your towel and lay it out underneath your table. Put holes through the corners of your folded towel using your knife or your scissors. Crochet through the holes to strengthen the corners of your hammock. Make sure they are tight enough. For tie-ing the hammock to the table, make 4 braids of yarn, each about 60cm long, with knots on the ends. Wrestle the braids through the stitches of the crocheted corners, on the opposite side of the tassels.Hang the hammock underneath your coffee table using square knots and you are done!

2. Beach Towel Swimsuit Cover Up

Cut a wide opening in the center of the beach towel ( 12″ hole for adult and 8-10″ hole for kids) and turn under the raw edges of the cut hole and hem on your sewing machine. Measure down (14″ for adult and 10″ for kids) from the cut hole and draw a line across the wrong side of the towel. Open up your double fold bias tape and press it open so that it no longer folds in half, but the raw edges are still folded under. Sew the bias tape to the towel along the line you drew as the casing for the ribbon and repeat for the other side of the towel. Cut the ribbon to 3 times the width of your towel, feed the ribbon in the beginning on one side and going through the other side of the towel so that the ribbon ends meet and pull up on the strings to give the towel its shape and that’s it.

3. Old Towels Dish Mat

Cut up an old towel with rust stains on it and no one knows the difference.

4. Old Flip Flops Bath Towel Slipppers

To make this flip flop, all you need is an old flip flops, old cotton towel, polyester batting, faux leather, and coordinating thread.

5. Upcycled Eco-Friendly Produce Bags

Make this eco-bag to replace plastic ones from the grocery store. This simple bags can be tossed in the wash and used over and over again.

6. Bolster Pillow From Old Towels

Only with a fabric, old towel, cording and dacron, you are ready for a cozy nap with your new beefy bolster made from old towel.

7. Old Towels Bath Mat

If you have some old towels that you don’t use any more, except to dry your car after washing it, or for rags, this is a clever way to repurpose some of them!

8. Beach Blankets

Cut each towel in half to create four same-size squares then cut off one finished edge from each square. Laid out the squares to piece them together. Cut off and eventually decided to sew a regular seam with right sides together, then press it open, and stitch with something called a tricot stitch on sewing machine on the right side of the blanket on both sides of the seam line.

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