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9 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Vinyls

The idea of repurposing your item is simply to make your old stuff become useful again. As all we know, there are so many stuff that you can give them a new life. So, instead of throwing away them, think about some project that can make your stuff turns into something good and beautiful. If you have some vinyl at home, why don’t you try to repurpose it with these 9 creative ways to repurpose it below.

1. DIY Vinyl Bowl

Place your vinyl in the heated oven on a cookie sheet, and once you see them drooping, take them out and shape them into your desired bowl shape. Use this bowl to hold some candy or even your jewelry.

2. DIY Record Table

Add a special element to your living room with this record table that is made from a vinyl and a planter stand.

3. DIY Desert Stand

Turn your old vinyls into a unique desert stand that you will get to fill with cupcakes and cookies.

4. DIY Vinyl Record Book

Another great idea to repurpose an old vinyl is to turn it into a handmade book that you can fill it with your favorite lyrics, poems, pictures or memories.

5. DIY Vinyl Butterflies

Decorate your blank wall space with this adorable vinyl butterflies. Just cut the vinyl into a butterfly shape and put it into your wall.

6. DIY Vinyl Dreamcatcher

Another great way to beautify your wall is by making this stunning and impressive vinyl dream-catcher.

7. DIY Broken Record Wall Art

Even broken vinyl can be beautiful as a wall art. All you need is a stretched canvas, acrylic paint, and broken vinyl. Glued them on the canvas, and your own broken record wall art is ready for you.

8. DIY Vinyl Mail Holder

Spray paint your vinyl and make it as a unique mail holder.

9. DIY Vinyl Candle Holders

This DIY candle holder is look so elegant and glamorous and create a charming atmosphere to your space.

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