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9 DIY Projects to Repurpose an Old Map

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To get the most for your money and lighten their impact on the earth, buy products that can be upgraded, repaired and repurposed, so you can get full use of them for a long time. Get creative with products that no longer be used for their original purpose. Many items can be repurposed, or even upcycled into something new and different.

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Now check out these 10 DIY projects to repurpose an old map below to inspire you.

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1. DIY Map Coasters

Let’s daydreaming about your next vacation while sipping on a cup of coffee in the morning with your friends with this map coasters.

2. DIY Map Mason Jar Banks

Save up your money for your next trip in this map mason jar banks.

3. DIY Map Drawer

Upgrade your old drawer by adding map to cover the bulk spot and give you the spirit of traveling to your home.

4. DIY Map Heart

This map art was beyond simple to make. All you need is scissors, glue stick, a frame with a piece of card slotted inside.

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5. DIY Map Lampshade

Lamps are recognized as an important part of your interior and they deserve to have a lampshade that feels gorgeous and inspiring to look at. So change your boring lampshade with this DIY map lampshade.

6. DIY Map Monogram

Personalize your space with this DIY map monogram. You can easily put it on table, or display it on your shelf.

7. DIY Map Chandelier

Create a whimsical and inspiring chandelier from an old map to decorate your space with great lighting. This project is also great option for you who are on a budget.

8. DIY Map Wreath

Decorate your front door with this creative wreath made from a map. This project is can be used for all season and plus, so easy to make.

9. DIY Map Tray

Beutify your tray with an old-fashioned element by repurposing an old map.

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