Living in a small apartment is not easy. You don’t have wide space to keep any groceries at your small room. Here, creativity to make space inside is what you need to do. Change the way of putting your goods will be a good choice to make your room wider. After that, some ideas of DIY small apartment decorating ideas with modern furnishing may help you. Here are some smart ways to design your small apartment to make it looks wider.

Secret Stash

Secret stash

Corner is the place that can be used to save your groceries. It will be better for you to have a box or basket to put some crafts, toys, supplies, or whatever you want. Try this way to make space for your small room and let it tidier.

Apartment Lighting

Apartment lighting

Lighting will help you to make your small room look wider. You can choose to place modern furnishing like side tables, night stands, sofas at your small room with the right position of floor lamp. The use of floor lamp will eliminate dark corer which will brighten your corner and make it look wider.

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage

Look at this room design. Even with two modern lamps, it looks wider. Just because of the hidden storage under beautiful skirted table. This table can be storage for your bags, shoes or other components.

Curtain Illusion

Curtain illusion

The right position of curtain also helps you to make your small apartment have more space. Pay attention to the color of curtain such as golden, white or any other bright color that can give your room wider look. The beautiful modern bed also makes you easier to fit it with the color of curtain for this room.

Bathroom Furnishings

Bathroom furnishings

Add some furniture to your bathroom to give more storage. Take a look at this bathroom design! With table and chair inside, it can be functioned as storage as well. Put on your perfumes or other necessaries which is related to your body necessary at this table. It will be better if you put the cabinet storage which hangs on the wall to save other goods.

Apartment Assets

Apartment assets

Your narrow storage is a good place to save your goods as well. The cabinet which put on the cornet can be cover by curtain to make it look wider. At this cabinet, put on your computer, television, books, and others. Make it brighter by applying some lamps.

Cozy, Chic Dining

Cozy, chic dining

This is smart ides to create bigger space for your small apartment. Take a look for the chairs which is transparent made from glasses along with top of table which is made with the same material. You can hang some artistic paint and or chandelier to make more interesting.

Shine On

Shine on

The use of large mirror at your bedroom creates bigger space as well. It works well for living room, dining room, and other rooms at your lovely apartment. When the mirror is in the right place, it will reflect the sun shine and spread out entire the room. This makes your room bigger.




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