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DIY Projects That Add Boho Chic Into Your Home

Bohemian decor means texture, multiple fabrics, combined patterns, a mix of old and new, and — perhaps most of all — color. It may seem like the height of the boho chic movement may have passed for most, but bohemian decor and fashion never really go out of style for creative types and hippies alike. Play up the free-spirited form of this design by turning your creativity and imagination loose.

Brich Wood Tealight Holder


Candles are a main element in bohemian decoration. This candleholder is quite easy to do and is free if you have a birch wood ring and tealight candle to use. You can do this in various sizes and create a very beautiful center for the dining room table or even piled it up and create a beautiful candle display.

Feather Wall Hanging

Feathers are always a welcome boho element into your home aesthetics. Add a touch of gold for warmth and watch as the breeze from your window flips them this way and that.

Woven Pom-pom Rope Rug


Comfort is key for boheman decoration and you’re sure to appreciate softer, more textured aesthetics. Meet these comfy + cozy standards with a shag rug that’s almost dangerously too cozy.

Macrame Curtain

Macrame and boho are things that stick together. You will have so much fun making this macrame curtain and every time you walk through them you will feel special. They are the hanging perfection and a really simple way to decorate a doorway.

Floral Dreamcatcher

There’s a variety of dreamcatchers that you can fall in love with but we chose this floral one because it embodies the colorful and free-spirited energy of bohemian décor. It will surely make a captivating piece, wherever you chose to hang it.

Bohemian Pendant Lamp

This project is incredibly creative and innovative. This came up with a way of dressing up your lamp into some bohemian vibes. perfect way to upgrade the decoration game.

Hanging Library

Art is ever so important to the bohemian lifestyle, so do honor your favorite books and make them an adorable hanging library that will contribute to your continuous décor. It is a small yet important addition to your cozy hippie home.

Jewels Boho Hanger


Make a jewelry display hanger from a wooden plank and knob pulls for both form and function. A very boho way to store your jewelry.

Hanging Photo Mobile

Here is a great way to display your favorite pictures in bohemian chic style. Just grab some branches and twigs from the front yard and use it to hang your favorite photos from your loved ones. Just hang this wherever you want to add that bohemian décor.

Vintage Scarf Curtains

As the light shines through these scarf curtains, the entire room will be embraced in a colorful light that will surely have a calming effect. This project is a great way to repurpose some of the scarves that have piled up throughout the years and end up with stunning curtains.

PVC Bed Canopy

You can make this gorgeous canopy bed for under $20 and it is perfect for adding boho chic style to the bedroom. You make the canopies from PVC pipe, which is really inexpensive. Once you have the canopy done, you just add the sheer curtains and you’re all done.

Boho Moroccan Pillow

If you don’t have a pile of floor pillows that you can bury yourself in, you need to make it happen A.S.A.P. Once you experience the joy and comfort of floor pillows you’ll wonder how you went so long without them.

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