Celebrate the 4th with red, white and blue decor ideas to put a festive spin on traditional Americana with this DIY projects below. The significant white, red and blue colors go together really well and the inclusion of the stars makes the perfect addition not only to the flag itself, but also to everything else that is flag-inspired. Check out these 10 DIY projects that celebrate the American flag below to inspire you.

1. Pallet American Flag 



Make this giant wooden American flag to show off your patriotic love that is made from pallets.

2. American Flag Pillow

Decorative pillows are a gorgeous element in any room and if you’ve been meaning to take the American flag as inspiration for a while, the DIY pillow is the perfect project to get started that only made of fabrics and buttons.

3. American Flag Wreath

Make a welcome sight with this classic patriotic decorations made from cardstock.

4. American Flag Luminaries

Create a special ambiance with these American flag luminaries using an old mason jar and small american flag.

5. American Flag Table Runner

Everybody loves to eat at a neat table with a decor that reflects the family’s values or even to celebrate something. And this American flag tablecloth is perfect to celebrate the 4th of July.

6. American Flag Mason Jar Lanterns

Paint your mason jar and use it as a charming lanterns with an American appeal.

7. American Flag Flower Pot

Potted plants are not only a beautiful and organic choice of decor, they can also contribute to the quality of air in your living space. Paint your pot with red, white and blue color and your new-look-pot is ready to beautify your space.

8. American Flag Backdrop 

A celebration need a good pictures, so the memory remain. Make this easy backdrop to make the pictures fit a common theme.

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