If you want to make a project for your backyard or front yard, make sure that the project will be useful for you. Backyard should be functional not only beauty. It means that the DIY help you to get something which affect your outdoor beauty and can be use for something. Here, the summary of DIY backyard projects for functional outdoor beauty.

Petite Treeless Tree House

To play outside, you don’t have to build tree house on the tree. Make this petite treeless house will be good idea. Just sit at this simple tiny house to see what your children doing along the day. Then, don’t forget to bring some snacks and beverage.

Bourgeois-On-A-Budget Solar Light Chandelier

This wonderful light chandelier will looks amazing to be placed outdoor. It is not only for your outside brighter but also add aesthetic value. You don’t have to spend much time or money to get this, because you can make it by yourself in an hour.

Planted Posy Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Your unused whiskey barrel can be transformed into something wonderful. Take it as the basic of planting plants and shady patio umbrella. It gives your backyard different view which is outstanding. Just do this project at holiday.

DIY Crafter’s Hammock Stand

Making a hammock stand on your garden will be good idea. You only should have basic carpentry skill to cut the wood and other building process. This hammock stand will be a nice place for you and your children play together.

Picturesque Outdoor Planter “Lamp Posts”

Hang some flowers and lamps on your yard also great project for you. This wonderful patio can be a great project for you and your children. You can ask your family to do this on this week and make your yard more beautiful than before.

Sailor’s Knot Rope Seats

Do you want to apply an outdoor ottoman for your yard? This sailor’s knot rope seat may be one of the best ideas for you. Ann unused wire can be reuse into this wonderful seats only by adding a rope which is rounded the wire. It looks natural and fancy for your lovely outdoor space.

DIY Stone Serenity Pond

Make your own water fall with your children this week as the picture above. Pay attention to prepare all the things needed before you make a hole on your backyard. Take a look at the water surface which is natural and fresh.

Floating Island Outdoor Deck

Shady oasis is the best place to spend your leisure time to read a novel you like. Put some flowers and pillows to make this place more comfortable. Just relax your mind and feel the beauty of nature with the fresh air.

Summer Splendor Awning Style Canopy

How about creating this fugal pergola for your project this holiday? It looks brilliant to combine elegant candles and globe light to bring more light for this canopy. Ask your guest to sit at this pergola and preserve some meals along with beverage to enjoy the night.

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