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10 Smart DIY Corner Bench Ideas to Try

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The corners of a room or an interior can be the first target when you intending to boost the decors. You can install the corner shelves that will not use an inch of your room space and will give you an amazing station to display your decors. This time, we will give you some DIY projects to make your own corner bench using the new and recycled wood, or even an old furniture pieces that are no longer in use.

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Check out these 10 Smart DIY Corner Bench Ideas that will make great inspiration for your own space below.

1. Easy Corner Bench


Add more seating of your outdoor space by stacking together the wooden planks to make this easy and fun corner bench.

2. DIY Corner Bench With Storage

Install this pretty and functional wooden bench in the corner in the L shape and thus with the least of the space. You can use the wooden bard to shape up this corner bench that you can stain it in the matching hues of your outdoors. This idea will maximize your seating space in the outdoors by making the most out of your corner spaces on the patio or the backyard.

3. DIY Banquette Storage Bench

Get a lot of extra seating to accommodate a lot of guests with this built-in banquette bench. And under the seats of your bench, you can store a lot of your stuff and thus be enjoying a neat, tidy and clutter free space too.

4. Corner Bench with Built-in Table

Install this really cute and small set of bench with a built-in table in the center of both where you can hold your drinks, coffee mugs, books and more. With the brown and white stain hues, you can really bring the shabby chic vibes in your spaces so do hack this idea to make this pretty bench on your own.

5. DIY Corner Bench Using Stock Cabinets

Install this corner bench to your space using the cabinet stocks so you can enjoy reading your favorite book with your tea.

6. Kids Corner Bench

Repurpose your old bed or the daybed into a kids corner bench. Using the headboard and the footboard as the backrests you can install this pretty bench for your kids along with a table so that they can enjoy a fun time doing so much more on it.

7. DIY Pallet Corner Bench

Shape up this pretty L-shaped wooden bench out of the pallets to git the corners of your spaces and thus save you so much space and money too. Make sure you utilize the proper tools like a table saw or a corded circular saw so you can get straight cuts. A jigsaw may do the job but it might be tough getting accurate cuts by hand.

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8. Kitchen Banquette

Bring some seating in your space then do it smartly with this pretty wooden banquette corner bench as it comes with L shape to fit in your nooks and save you lot of space and secondly it got so much storage space under the seat to house a lot of your stuff inside them that you think is cluttering your spaces.

9. DIY Built-in Storage Bench

Create a comfy and cozy spot using wooden boards. You can easily install this small and cute bench on your window and enjoy your morning tea or evening coffee there. The bench is really simple and easy to build.

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10. DIY Corner Bench with Brackets

This corner bench is made using the larger wooden planks being stacked nicely to each other you can easily build this pretty bench.

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