Decorating wall doesn’t have to use expensive ornament. You can try to use China plates to fill the space on your wall. It doesn’t require hard work but you need to have creativity to get aesthetic wall decoration. No need to worry for your house style. It works well for contemporary or traditional home decoration and everything in between. Here are some China plate’s wall decorations to try;

Plates Accented With a Frame

Plates accented with a frame


This frame plates look wonderful for your lovely dining room. There are only three plates, if you want to make more than three you need bigger frame. Pay attention to the color of your wall. It should matched to the frame color as well.

Bedroom Romantic Plate Wall

Bedroom plate wall


Give another view for your bedroom. These painted plates work well in making different side of your wall.  The wall color also makes you feel calm when you take a rest after working all day long.

Graphic White Plates on Black Wall

Graphic white plates on black wall


The existence of graphic white plates on your lack wall shows the beauty of your bed room. In contrast with the wall color, white plates give our eyes different scenery. These plates has power to make stay to look at them as the wall art graphic.

Monochromatic Plate Wall

Monochromatic plate wall


This monochromatic plate wall makes you easy to change the plate’s position. It’s all in white to make it look like shiny. The bench under the plates gives you simple look. Make this is one of your favorite place to read novels and or listening to the music you like.

Free Form Entryway Plate Wall

Free form entryway plate wall


Look at the empty space inside your corner. Is it looking good to put China plates there? Take some plates in any sizes to plate as wall decoration. You can stamp it using hang wire for plate or make it by yourself.  The lamp under this plate wall functions at night to make it look astonishing.

Freeform Plate Wall Wrapped Around a Corner

Freeform plate wall wrapped around a corner


The plates work goods to fill the empty place at the corner of your house. Even, if you add a green plant on the pot like this. It still looks awesome in any kinds of season. Try this display for you room soon!

Colorful Plate Wall with Overlapping Plates

Colorful plate wall with overlapping plates


For bright color wall, you can put on colorful plate wall as well. The variety of plate’s size will make it more cheerful.  Your wall looks more magnificent by using this wall plate design.

Plate Wall in Stairway

Plate wall in stairway


Don’t let your wall along the staircase empty. Take some plates and arrange it beautifully on the wall. It doesn’t require long time to do but needs more to have the variety of plate’s size. Then, look at the result.

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