We would all love to have a well-put-together home with décor that is perfectly placed. Well, it is quite easy! You will first need to understand some fundamental interior design rules. Once you have the basics at your fingertips, you will be better positioned to refresh your bland interior to suit your style and preferences better. Let’s take you through some of the effective hacks to revamp your interior space.

Create an illusion of height

If the ceilings in your house are low, you would add some low-profile furniture to make your room look taller. We also suggest you hang your window treatments closer to the ceiling instead of just above the top part of the window to make your ceilings look higher. You could also paint the ceiling, skirting boards, and walls in the same color to blur the lines where the ceiling meets the walls.

Select appropriate window dressings

Window dressings tie the entire room together and add depth to your interior décor. Your window treatments could also soften the space and make it cozier. You could make a room look more spacious by placing curtains across an entire wall. We also suggest taking your curtains to the floor.

Add stylish mirrors

An excellent way to increase the brightness in any room would be to add mirrors. Mirrors can also visually expand the space by reflecting the view from the outside. You can go for Moroccan mirrors which are ideal for making your home look effortlessly posh and expensive! Ensure you place some good-quality mirrors strategically around your home where they can quickly reflect sunlight.

Space your furniture correctly

A general rule would be to move your furniture a few inches away from the walls. We also suggest placing your furniture about 45cm away from the central coffee table to prevent your living room area from becoming too squeezed. Your coffee table should be about two-thirds of your sofa. In a way, it should be able to accentuate the furniture arrangement. 

Choose the correct placement for wall art

When it comes to hanging wall art, it would be best to place them at eye level, approximately 145cm from the ground. However, if you have smaller art pieces, you could try putting them above a side table or next to a high floor lamp. For a gallery wall, maintain the main photos at eye level and hang the rest of the images in relation to it.

Place one statement piece in each room

You want to have one statement piece that will wow your guests and act as a focal point as you enter any room. You could opt to add an oversized piece of furniture or a huge patterned rug. It would be best to use hints of the colors in your statement piece across the room to make everything look cohesive.

Final thoughts

As you have seen, the interior design rules discussed above are easy to follow and can make a massive difference to your home’s interior. You can always add a creative angle to give your home a pleasant ambiance!

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