Sharing a bathroom with little ones can be testing at the best of times. Known for being messy and chaotic, it’s not unusual for family bathrooms to end up being tumultuous. But just because your bathroom isn’t currently a restful sanctuary, that doesn’t mean it can’t be!

According to recent statistics, in the last year, a huge 77% of homeowners have spent money remodelling their homes. If you’re considering revamping your bathroom, read on for our tips on how to create a child-friendly bathroom that the whole family will love. 

Involve everyone in the decisions

If you’re planning a major remodel, make sure to involve the children in the plans. Whether they have their say on where the thousand rubber ducks will live, what colour bathroom paint you pick or otherwise, by involving children in the decisions, they are more likely to love and cherish the space you create. 

Think about what type of shower and tub you’ll need

If you’re installing a shower, it’s important that children can freely use it without any health and safety concerns. By accounting for accessories such as non-slip bathmats in your plans, you can ensure your home is safe for all the family. 

Consider your sink level 

Although you may be tall enough to reach the sink, that doesn’t mean your children will be! When you’re renovating your bathroom, make sure you place the sink at an easily reachable height. It’s also a good idea to install an anti-scald valve to prevent burns and scalds

Add some nifty storage solutions 

If you find your bathroom gets cluttered easily, make sure to plan in plenty of storage to keep bathroom essentials out of sight. 

Some clever ways you can add more storage include:

  • Vanity units – The space underneath your sink can be dead space, so why not invest in an under-sink vanity unit with drawers? This will act as handy housing for all the essentials like toothpaste and toothbrushes. 
  • Built-in storage – If room allows, adding some built-in units can add some much-needed storage space. 
  • Vertical displays – As well as being on-trend, vertical displays such as open ladders occupy minimal floor space while adding maximum storage. Consider adding baskets to keep toiletries sectioned away nicely. 
  • Add a ‘peekaboo’ cabinet – Not just a game you can play with your children, bathroom mirror shelf units (otherwise known as peekaboo cabinets) are an easy way to tuck away lotions and potions. 

Final thoughts…

Redesigning your bathroom is exciting – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Whether you simply plan on giving your bathroom a fresh lick of paint or want to start all over again, by following the above tips, you’ll have your dream home sorted in no time. 

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