For your home decoration, you may can buy things those are pretty and luxurious, but you have to be aware that nowadays something that is made in DIY and handmade is more interesting than what you get from the stores. It is because DIY ornament can serve you with the uniqueness impression that comes from the unfinished look, something that you rarely find from the stores.

The other great thing from having your own handmade DIY ornament is that you can adjust the designs based on your own perspective of art. You can do it with your own creativity and imagination. Moreover, the most suitable ornament for your home can be yours because you can really know on what kind of ornament that your home needs. Let’s see some of the interesting design ideas below.

Creative craft using glass bottles with starfish decoration
Creative candle holder from tree roots
Creative hooks to hook the keys and flower arrangement in jar
Decorative lighting in glass vase
Creative candle holder using mason jars
Wooden lamp holder for decorative lighting in lantern
Unique dream catcher with flowers
Wall decoration with house plant in mason jars
Hanging mason jars as a planter for house plant
Iron hooks on the wooden board to hang flowers arrangement in mason jars f
house plant arrangement with iron
Placing some house plants in the iron hanging rack
parallelogram frame for wall decoration
rustic chandelier
Little house plant in the triangle wooden hanging rack
Unique rustic chandelier
vines hung by rope
Little house plant in the bathroom is placed in the wooden box
wooden centerpiece
House plants, books and other home ornament are placed in the wooden hanging racks
Little succulent as a home ornament are placed in the wooden hanging racks
Unique succulent planter in the wooden hanging rack with rope
Hexagon wooden planter for succulent
Tissue holder on the wall with unique shape can be wall decoration at once
Some porcelain ornaments in the wooden tiered rack
wreath on photo frame
Creative ornament on the door that made from piece of twigs that are arranged become letter W form
pine cone craft
wall art decoration
wreath decoration
decoration table with lantern

Those DIY ornament designs are really pretty that bring out the natural elements. You know that natural elements can always be good for your home to create certain impression like peaceful, warm, and exhilarate. What we have served for you are the examples of the design those are really suitable for your home and quite easy to be done.

The various placement that the DIY ornament designs we advice for you are really diverse. You can place the ornament from your living room, kitchen, entry way, or even for your bathroom. If it is possible, you can even do some DIY for your centerpiece by combining the suitable designs. Now it’s time for you to try to do for some of those DIY projects. Happy crafting!

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