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30 Interesting DIY Budget Friendly Photobooth Ideas

The photo booth has become one of the most important parts of a celebration such as birthday parties, weddings, farewell parties and all kinds of other parties. The area provided by the organizer of the event is intended as a place where guests can pose for photographs as a memento. In addition, the existence of a photo booth is also one of the important spots that will attract the attention of the guests so that the event organizer will usually make a photo booth as nice and beautiful as possible.

Usually, a photo booth that is used for each type of party will have a different theme and has its own characteristics. Such as the use of flowers is usually used for romantic moments like marriage or engagement, while the use of a more colorful design or the use of other elements such as wood is usually used for parties of young people. To have a photo booth that suits your taste and also according to the theme requires a lot of time and funds, but if you want to try there will definitely be away.

Giant white flowers for backdrop
Large white and orange flowers for backdrop
Blue ribbon with blue and white balloon on white backdrop
Repurpose old book and some plants decoration for DIY photo booth
Colorful ribbon and string lamps for photo booth
Colorful flowers decoration for beautiful backdrop
Colorful photo booth on a budget
Colorful ribbons and paper craft decoration
Colorful ribbons and hanging cloud paper craft decoration
Colorful ribbons with white balloons
Vintage backdrop
Hanging colorful paper craft decoration for photo booth
Hanging pink ribbon decoration for cute photo booth
Hanging ribbons and flower paper craft decoration
Using any kind flowers that hang on rope to create beautiful photo booth
Colorful ribbons for photo booth in outdoor
Hanging big and large wreath for outdoor photo booth
White fabrics and some tassels for photo booth decoration
Wooden pallet for indoor photo booth
Rustic photo booth with mint color
String laps decoration with white fabric for simple photo booth
Unique colorful ribbon decoration
Wedding photo booth decoration
Unique rope and tassels is combined with flower decoration for photo booth
White door and orange flowers
White flowers photo booth decoration on the wall
Wooden pallet and plants decoration
Wooden pallet and ribbon decoration for photo booth
Wooden pallet decoration on wedding photo booth
Wooden pallet for backdrop

You can make your own photo booth by using items that are not too expensive but can be made into interesting objects. In addition, you can also adjust the budget you have. The key is your creativity in implementing your ideas about an interesting photo booth.

One of them is by utilizing your old books which are arranged as a backdrop with some additional accents such as flowers, a photo booth like this can give the impression of the aesthetic vintage.
Furthermore, you can also use colorful papercrafts.

Many creations that can be made using this papercraft. From a simple look to a little bit complicated look. In addition, the use of flowers is also an attractive choice especially for those of you who will hold a wedding.

There are many more DIY creations that make interesting photo booth which is budget-friendly. So this article will provide several examples of photo boot ideas as your reference.

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