Photography becomes something hype nowadays. Long time a go photography only can be done by the professional but today, anyone can do photography and it is also loved by so many people especially the teenage. It even turns into culture where most likely it is caused by the gadget development that introduce every users to do the photography easier so that they love to do it.

Anyway, from the filter development that your gadget has to make your unprofessional captures look professional, there are still things that your filter can’t do. Here if you really want to have the professional look photograph and have budget limitation, you can do some hacks for your camera that can creating some great illusion to get the perfect photographs. The following pictures will show you more!

Soft focus lens effect by using fabric

In order to get a soft effect you can add fabric to your camera lens, so that you can get a soft angle on the shots that you take. Well, you will also need an elastic band to keep it stick on your lens. A square of gauze, cheesecloth or light silk scarf will work. Also, experiment with your work to get a wonderful angle.

Create a studio shoot by using Pringles tube

If you do a photograph in the studio, you can use the Pringles tube you have. That tool can help you to focus on the object, where if you use the real lens will be too expensive, so you can use the DIY Pringles lens. Do this DIY project by adding straws to get the same effect as the original, but not as soft as the original.

Making filter with sunglasses

If you are looking for filters than the ones that you found in the application on the smartphone, just use the sunglasses that you have. It will be the best way to get the good results suitable for smartphone photography, but you can also use it for your DSLR system. After you find a good view, you can set the right position.

Lens rain guard by using blank CD case

You can use your old CD case to protect your camera lens so that your lens can be protected when you take a scene on dewy or rainy day. You can make it by only using CD case because it is suitable for you when doing outside activities.

Create interesting shadows with a sifter

The shadow using a sieve will make amazing shots with enough light. All you have to do is adjust the sieve between the light source and the subject and get an amazing shadow effect. Please experiment it to meet your social media needs.

Create shadows by using cut shapes in cardboard

You need is some cardboard, scissors or a craft knife and some creativity. Cut out any number of shapes and lines, and use the shadows over your model. Using this simple tool, you can create Chiaroscuro lighting effects. The lighting style is identical which is commonly used in French New Wave Cinema.

Soft box by using plastic bag

Plastic bags have many uses, this time you can make use for soft boxes. All you need to do is attaching it to your flash. with it can create more and spread light by reflecting light. This photography hack is best to be used for indoor photography project.

Lens hood by using coffee hood

You can use coffee hood to make creative DIY photography hacks, moreover a coffee hood can be used as a lens hood also. If in an emergency condition, you can remove the coffee hood from the cup, then you can put the tip of the lens so that you can regulate the incoming light the results of your shots won’t be damaged.

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Yes, those DIY photography hacks are really amazing and something that you may never expected before. You can see that the materials that are used are very cheap and easy to be found. That is why it is really fit for you who can’t spend lot of money for your photography project. Some of the materials are even already available at your home.

Basically those photography hacks project already cope all basic needs that you may want for your professional look pictures. From the photography illusion, some filters just like what your gadget has, camera protection, or even the lens substitute. All of those ideas are really amazing so just go get the materials and do those hacks for your professional photography.

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