Your Easter celebration won’t be completed without the presence of the egg ornament. It’s like Christmas without a Christmas tree, the spirit of the celebration won’t be felt well. Since Easter egg can be designed into a varied look and the kids must be loving it, then it is such a great idea to do the egg craft with your kids. Not only to give them a positive activity but also to give them a chance to put their efforts into the celebration preparation for a better Easter experience.

The egg craft might common with the painting project. That one can be good, but you can make other craft projects for sure! The amazing thing about it is that you can bring the egg into the wreath and garland. Also, you can put it on the tray to be the table decoration. In case you want to have the craft that not only used to be the ornament but also has functional value, then you can make the egg lighting. There are still so many ideas that you can make with the egg as the theme that you can see from the pictures we have gathered below.

Turning eggs into post crafts is an interesting idea that you can do with the children. You can make a bunny character using the eggs so they are perfect for Easter decor. Using felt for the ears and feet will make your egg bunny look cute and attractive. Egg Bunny from Momjunction.

Eggs are one of the most suitable ornaments to complement the Easter celebration decorations. You can make egg crafts with your child so that the eggs can look more attractive. Painting several eggs in different colors and patterns is an easy solution that will make your eggs look more beautiful. Painted Egg from Momjunction.

You can make egg crafts with your child to make your Easter decorations look festive. You can use rolled paper and glue to decorate it. Gluing the rolled paper into a floral pattern with glue all over the egg will make it look perfect to complement your Easter decor. Easter Egg Craft from Momjunction.

Decorating eggs with colorful ribbons will make your eggs look more attractive and suitable for Easter decorations. Attaching colorful star ornaments all over the surface of the egg will make it look more cheerful and loved by the children so that it makes your Easter decoration look festive. Decorative Egg from Momjunction.

Inviting your child to make egg crafts will be fun. You can paint a few eggs in different colors then arrange them into a tree so they look perfect for your post decor idea. Colorful Egg Tree from Hative.

Colorful DIY Egg made of salt dough looks great. You attach the hemp cord at the top and then hang it on a twig stalk so that it looks like an egg tree. Then placing it on the table will become a focal point of interest in your Easter celebrations. DIY Salt Dough Egg from Hative.

DIY Eggs made of aluminum foil are easy to make and still look great. You can invite your child to decorate the aluminum foil egg to make it look more attractive. Attaching a colorful button is the right choice because it’s easy to do but still makes your Easter egg look perfect. Aluminum Foil Easter Egg Craft from Thejoysharing.

Painting eggs into animal characters will be fun for children. You can make three different characters to make them look more attractive. Using felt to make ears and horns will make your character’s eggs look more realistic and your Easter decorations even more stunning. Painted Animal Eggs from Housebeautiful.

Painting eggs is one of the easiest ways to make egg crafts for kids. You can paint in various colors to make it look more cheerful. Then you can put it in a glass jar and place it on the table so that it will become an attractive centerpiece for your Easter celebration. Egg Centerpiece from Diycuteness.

Making an egg flower arrangement is a very creative idea to complement your Easter decorations. Painting the eggs colorful and attaching a stick at the bottom as a stem will make them resemble a tulip. Adding a ribbon at the bottom of the egg will make it look like a real flower which will make your Easter decorations look even more beautiful. Egg Flower Arrangement from Diycuteness.

DIY wreath made of faux egg looks unique and is perfect for Easter decoration ideas. You can make this using bent wire and faux egg. First, bend the wire into a circle then stick the egg all over the surface so that it becomes a colorful wreath. Colorful Egg Wreath from Thesoccermomblog.

Garland is an ornament that is suitable for any decoration in your home. Try making it yourself with an Easter theme to make your Easter celebration more festive. You can make garlands out of paper egg and string them lengthwise using string so that they make a simple egg garland but perfect for an Easter celebration. Paper Egg Garland from Diyjoy.

Making a chalkboard out of eggs is an interesting idea to decorate your Easter celebrations. First of all, you have to do is paint the entire surface of the egg black to make it resemble the chalkboard. Then you can write HELLO SWEET using white chalk so it will look more interesting. Egg Chalkboard from Diyjoy.

Egg centerpiece is the right choice for Easter celebration decorations in your home. Painting the entire surface of the egg with gold color will make it look perfect. Adding a gold egg shell with a flower arrangement will also make your centerpiece look more beautiful and can inspire. Gold Egg Centerpiece from Diyjoy.

Using moss to make ornaments is a creative idea that you can try. Making egg using moss looks easy and attractive for your Easter decoration. Decorating it with hemp rope and buttons will make your eggs look more attractive. Moss Egg from Diyjoy.

Making eggs from patterned paper is easy to do with children at home. Then you can string it into a wreath and add ribbons as accessories to make it look more beautiful. Changing it at the door will give you an attractive look at your Easter celebration. DIY Easter Wreath from Youandkids.

Decorating eggs with colorful paper will give a lovely look and make your Easter decor more cheerful. Adding the rope at the top will make it easier for you to hang it so it will look more attractive. Decorative Egg from Honeykidsasia.

Eggs painted green look bright and fresh. Attaching a ribbon to the egg and adding eye accessories will make your egg look attractive. Placing it in the basket will make it more organized and suitable for your Easter centerpiece. Green Egg Craft from Apumpkinandaprincess.

DIY Egg made of moss is an interesting idea for your Easter decoration idea. Placing the eggs on the table and adding twigs there will give it an eye-catching look and make your Easter decorations more festive. DIY Moss Egg from Homebnc.

Decorating candles with eggs looks attractive and festive at the Easter celebration. You can string the eggs into a wreath and add a burlap to give them an interesting rustic look that makes them look even better. Rustic Easter Egg Candle Wreath from Homebnc.

DIY Flower Egg arrangement looks beautiful and attractive. You can make it from a colorful artificial egg and put it in an artificial vase so it will look beautiful. Placing it on the table will be an attractive Easter centerpiece. DIY Flower Egg Arrangement from Homebnc.

DIY Egg made of patterned paper looks cute. Using the twig for the stem will look real. Hanging the Paper egg on the twig will make a simple but attractive egg tree. Patterned Egg Tree from Shelterness.

Colorful paper egg hanging from the leaf stalk looks fresh and attractive. Placing it in a ceramic vase will make it look more attractive and classy. You can place it on the table to create a beautiful, fresh-looking centerpiece. Colorful Paper Egg from Shelterness.

A DIY Easter tree made of paper egg and twig looks stunning. You can paint the twig before hanging the ornament egg to make it look better. Using vase burlap will bring an extraordinary rustic look to your Easter decor. DIY Easter Tree from Shelterness.

Making egg crafts to complement your Easter decor is a creative idea. You can turn them into cute bunny characters. First paint the entire surface of the egg blue then give it a face paint and add paper ears so it will make it look more realistic. Bunny Egg from Redtedart.

Using egg shells to make crafts is an interesting idea. You can make mini Easter egg topiary with white flowers. Putting it on the table will bring a beautiful and fresh look to your dining table. Easter Egg Centerpiece from Farmgirlreformed.

Arranging the faux eggs on a vase will make a mini Egg Topiary that looks beautiful and attractive. You can add the leaves between the eggs so that it will look fresher and more beautiful. Egg Topiary Dollar from Farmgirlreformed.

Egg centerpiece is the perfect choice for your Easter dining table. Painting eggs with different motifs will make them look more beautiful. Placing it in the basket will make it look more organized. Patterned Egg Centerpiece from Farmgirlreformed.

DIY Eggs made of colorful Yarn look simple and attractive. You can string them into a wreath so that it will make your Easter decorations even better. Hanging the Egg wreath on the front door will be an interesting focal point. Colorful Yarn Egg Wreath from Dumpaday.

Painting the entire surface of the egg and giving it a hue with acrylic paint will make your eggs look more attractive. Once the paint is dry you can draw a circle pattern or something else with glue and then sprinkle it with glitter so that it will look stunning. Arranging it in a white bowl and placing it on the table will bring its own charm to your Easter celebration. Paint Egg from Hgtv.

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