If you have a garage but don’t have a car, it probably serves as a storage space for all the extra stuff that doesn’t fit in the house. Cabinets and boxes full of tools, broken toys, things that seem to be necessary but are actually never used… But what if we tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that?

Your garage doesn’t have to serve as a storeroom. You can get rid of all the junk you keep there, and put all the necessary stuff in the pantry or hidden cabinets (you can even put them under the garage’s ceiling!), and make something valuable out of all that extra space – a spare room, for example. 

It doesn’t even have to be a complete makeover! Sometimes all you need to do is simply add storage space or paint the walls. However, if you’re planning to spend much time there, especially in winter, you may want to consider garage roof replacement or insulating your garage door. Whatever you decide to do, try to make the space as comfortable as possible. 

Want to hear our ideas on making something awesome out of a spare old garage? Read on!

An Extra Room

If you have a small house or simply want to add an extra room, unused garage space is something that you’ll easily put to good use. Whether you need a bedroom, a playroom, or an extra kitchen – you don’t have to buy a new house or build an addition. If you have an attached garage, you can often remove the wall and create a much larger space in your home. The best thing is that you’re working with a blank canvas – you can design and furnish it any way you like. 

Of course, making an extra room out of your garage isn’t the cheapest and fastest option. You’ll have to insulate the walls, change the door, roof, floor, add the windows, install the heating and cooling systems, and adjust the electrical system. However, if you need that extra room, it’s definitely the best solution. 

Home Gym

If you want to save some time and money, or simply want to be able to socially distance while still keeping your workout routine – a home gym is something you should consider. Of course, you’ll have to declutter and insulate your garage as well as buy the necessary equipment: dumbbells, jump rope, aerobic step, resistance bands, treadmill, etc. However, in the long run, it will be less expensive than buying a gym membership all the time. 

You may also want to consider replacing the garage flooring with something softer and more comfortable to work out on. The good news is that, with this option, you don’t have to add the windows or get rid of the storage space: just get some cabinets and organize everything. 

Entertainment Room

Who didn’t want some extra space for themselves when they were younger? To practice with the band, have parties, play computer games – or just do anything they could think of. Well, now you can have it. Whether you like to knit, play the drums, make TikToks, write or breed goldfish – you have all the space to do it without being distracted. Just make sure to insulate the space if you live somewhere with cold winters and make it comfortable – you’re going to spend a lot of time there. 

Or, perhaps, you want to make the space open for your friends and party-friendly. Repaint it, declutter, add some furniture and install a new door – the perfect place to spend time with your friends is ready. Enjoy it for the grill parties in the summer, or add insulation, and organize cozy evenings with mulled wine and storytelling in winter. 

Home Office

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become a matter of urgency. You might have already looked for the tips online: how to redesign your workspace, how to be more productive, how not to procrastinate… But did it really help? Are you as productive as you would in the office? 

Remote work is not easy to get used to. However, getting a home office is something that can help you adjust to the transition easier – and maybe even decide not to get back to the office at all! Just make sure the place is comfortable, and nothing distracts you. 

Your Imagination Is the Only Limit

A spare garage often serves as a storeroom – but it doesn’t have to. If you put all the stuff you keep there somewhere else, you’ll have an entire room for you to repurpose. It can be anything you need: a guest room or office for the family member that is working remotely, a home gym, or a play space for the kids… You’re limited by nothing but your imagination. Use it.

Of course, it will need some work: insulation, door or roof replacement, repainting walls, etc. It may take more time and energy than you might imagine, but make sure you don’t settle for something less than comfortable. If you want to do something out of your spare garage – make it awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

(Beata Hardzei)

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