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Creating something out of nothing can bring a lot of satisfaction. For this reason, DIY projects are really popular, and many people consider them to be the best hobby – especially if they involve working with wood. As it’s you who is responsible for the final effect, you can personalize it as much as possible and make it ideal for you or someone you want to make a gift for. What is more, woodworking projects can often save you a lot of money as they allow you to avoid high expenses associated with buying already-made products.

It is worth knowing that you don’t need to own advanced power tools or know how to use a scroll saw to get involved in DIY (though these certainly are valuable skills, especially if you plan to continue your woodworking journey). 

There are many simple woodworking projects for beginners that will make it possible for you to get started with such a creative new hobby. Also, even if you have some experience, you may be just looking for easy DIY wood projects due to, for example, limited time.

We have come up with 4 simple ideas that will be excellent for DIY enthusiasts at any skill level. Check them out!

A Wooden Serving Tray and Chopping Board

When you prepare a nice meal, you should serve it in an elegant manner! One of the ways to achieve that is to use a wooden serving tray that you can make by yourself – it’s one of the most popular woodworking projects for beginners. You just have to dry-fit the elements, scribe the arc, and glue everything together at the end. A 4-ft. steel ruler will be perfect for the scribing, but you can also use a yardstick or any kind of a thin board.

Just keep in mind to apply water-resistant wood glue so that you can wash your serving tray without damaging it. Interestingly, it’s a woodworking project with mixed purposes as it can also function as a great chopping board for cutting your meal’s ingredients!

A Sofa Sleeve With a Cup Holder

Thanks to a sofa sleeve, you won’t have to bow every time you want to reach your coffee or tea from the table. It’s one of the beginner woodworking projects that involve as little work as only joining a few pieces of wood together and making one hole in the whole item. You need, among other things, clamps (8” or longer), a tape measure, a pencil, a hole saw, and wood glue. A detailed list of tools and materials, along with straightforward instructions, can be found on this website.

A Simple Hat and Coat Rack

A hat and coat rack is a fantastic DIY project for every beginner woodworking enthusiast. You can cut the wooden boards to have the right size for your space. Then, you can paint them in your favorite color and add different types of hooks for hanging various pieces of clothing. Finally, you can join them to create a united structure or screw them separately to the wall at even distances. You can find easy-to-follow instructions and a list of necessary tools and materials here.

A Wall Key Storage Box

Another fantastic suggestion among beginner woodworking projects is a wall key storage box that will help you to keep these crucial items in one place. If you often panic when you need to go out quickly, but you can’t find your door or car keys, you will love this solution! In order to build such a piece, you need a drill, wood glue, clamps, a sander or sandpaper, and, of course, a few pieces of wood (you can use both plans and scraps). 

The final appearance of this wooden construction is totally up to you – you just have to make it able for hanging or drilling to the wall, and add small storage to put your keys in there and always be able to find them easily. You can paint the structure or keep it raw if you love to have rustic decorations at your home.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you want to build something by yourself out of wooden parts, it’s never too late to start your first DIY project. There are numerous ideas available online, and as they contain simple step-by-step instructions along with a list of essential supplies and tools, you will easily find a perfect suggestion for yourself. You can start with simple items, like a coat rack, wall key storage, or a sofa sleeve, and when you gain more experience, nothing will stop you from preparing your own bench, table, or other pieces of furniture.

It’ll not only help you to develop your manual skills and boost your creativity, but also make it possible for you to produce personalized items for you and your beloved ones at a low cost. Good luck with your first woodworking project!

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