Nowadays, there are so many themes that you can apply in your home interior design. Starting from minimalist, Scandinavian, bohemian to rustic. You can integrate this theme to your favourite. If you are one of those who are happy with nature and all things natural, it is not a fault to integrate this natural-themed interior into the house. One theme that you can apply is a rustic style where you can apply some adorable rustic stuff.


The exterior is the first thing people see when passing through or visiting your house and giving them an impression of what your home is like. One way to beautify the exterior is to use door decorations in the form of hangers or door wreath. You can beautify the room or rustic-style door with a floral-themed decoration. For example, place a flower display on your door. You can use red berries and dried orange slices and shape them into beautiful circles.

Artificial bouquets combined with simple wooden frames. You can complement it with Red and white ribbons that look good.
A wreath of cool green pine leaves. What you can mix with brown burlap cloth tied to a wreath.
DIY wreaths with beautiful looking decorations. But you can mix it with a red ribbon that looks stunning
Flower bouquets of twigs and pine fruit that are very harmonious. Then you can combine it with beautiful white flowers and you can put it on the fireplace.

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Wreaths of wood are cut into small pieces and glued together with glue. Then you can hang it with a red ribbon on the door to make the decoration look attractive.
DIY wreath made of round wooden sticks hanging on the door. Then you can add it with red berries and dried orange slices.
A rope that can be shaped like a wreath that looks simple. But you can combine with leaves and artificial flowers from burlap fabric to make the decoration more beautiful.

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Garland is a string of ribbons or green plants. we can use garland to decorate fireplaces, dining rooms, and living rooms. but you can also use the garland to decorate the banister or the top of the door. Garland decoration models are available in various shapes and colors, you can adjust it to their individual needs.

Creepers made of green pine leaves that look fresh. Then you can add it with a few apples as a nice garnish.
Garland made from green pine leaves and simple dry leaves. This decoration can be put on your fireplace as a decoration to give a comfortable impression.
Green pine leaves are made into the garland as a beautiful decoration. But you can add some decorations such as a small silver bucket that is hung on the garland as an added decoration.

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Garland made from green leaves that show a fresh impression. Then you can add some oranges to add decoration to make it look cool.

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Simple garland made from brown rope. What you can mix with pine decoration brown other decorations that add to the beauty of decoration.
Long bouquets made of cut fabric look good. which can be used as your home decoration to give a simple impression.
The wreath design ideas that look stunning. Which you can hang and make using used paper and produce simple but cool decorations.

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Table Ornament

Table ornament is important to beautify our dining room. Therefore you can give a surprise to your guests through the application of simple natural ornament details on the dining table arrangement. To fit the rustic theme, you must create a dining table with natural brownish shades. Also, add a few small plants to make it look fresh.

Ornaments made of wood are formed into containers. Then you can add red light ornaments and small trees that look fresh.
An ornament from used materials that are not used. But you can make it a tower for decoration and you add a white pom that shows its beauty.
Green tree ornaments in wooden containers for simple decoration. Which you can apply for decoration on a dazzling table.
Artificial ornaments that you can apply on the table. Then you can add it with small candles and other simple, enchanting decorations.

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Ornaments made from burlap ropes that are shaped like a brown tree. Then you can put it on the table as a decoration.
The rustic-themed decoration that looks simple. by combining wooden framed boards and other decorations that provide beauty for decoration.
Trees made from wood are cut into small pieces and attached using glue to make it a beautiful decoration. then you can put it on the table as a cool decoration.

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The beauty of the rustic wood style will never go out of style. In addition, you can combine rustic style with other styles such as minimalist, modern and even vintage. Of course, choosing a rustic style or making rustic wood all depends on the desires and creativity of each of you, as long as it’s all not excessive. Remember the initial concept of rustic which emphasises something simple. See more at rustic wooden furniture to be matched with your rustic ornament.

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