Halloween is a great time to mix scary items or decorations. One of the decoration that can be made to make your home look spooky is the creation of a scarecrow. Scarecrows are a familiar sight in agricultural areas long ago, but now they appear as decoration themes from Halloween and autumn parties. With some worn clothes and straw, you can easily make your own scarecrow. Put it on your porch when you have finished making it.

Scarecrow can be used to frighten or it can also be used as a decoration on the terrace of the house, and of course, your scarecrow will definitely attract attention. For the head of the scarecrow, you can use pumpkin. You can make a scarecrow’s face that looks friendly for decoration inside the house or make a scary scarecrow’s face for Halloween. The Scarecrow not only works for decorative decoration, but you can also make a simple scarecrow fabric with centerpieces for table decoration.

Pumpkin Scarecrow

happy fall pumpkin scarecrow with hanging lantern for decorative lighting at night to celebrate this season

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unique Pumpkin Scarecrow is collaborated with a planting place and skull cap for your porch decoration

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creative scarecrow flower with a long plaid shirt and cowboy hat
happy fall Pumpkin Scarecrow for decoration your garden with scarecrows doing big yard work
pumpkin scarecrow big family for your front decoration to celebrate the fall season
scarecrow on haybale at big mailbox using ouitfit jumpsuit to make it look funny and attract attention

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creative Spooky pumpkin scarecrow with Using a bundle of cornstalks and orange nets for additional variations adorn the scarecrow
happy fall pumpkin scarecrow with Biking figure with classic scarecrow hat
inspired pumpkin scarecrow with witch theme to make a cute as well as scary outdoor Halloween decoration
white scarecrow decoration white hallowen fright and fun with wood twigs and burlap for decoration outdoor

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Fabric Scarecrow

happy fall Fabric Scarecrow with large pumpkin and star for decoration your porch
happy fall Scarecrow for garden decoration with blue pants, beige outer and round hat for this season
Simple Fabric Scarecrow with centerpieces for table decoration
small Fabric Scarecrow with blue jump suit and witch hat for fairy decoration
unique rattan basket to apple store with Fabric Scarecrow for bed decoration to make it attractive
unique Wreath-shaped Scarecrow Fabric for decorating your door this season

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Cloth An Alternative to Burlap for Faces Scarecrow with round hat for extra
DIY Fabric Scarecrow for fall decoration that render in garden lights
Halloween decoration is a well-made scarecrow utilizing used bikes to add attention to your front yard
Red-Haired Witch Scarecrow and long black shirt for outdoor decoration this season

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Scarecrow has become an iconic decoration for Halloween party celebrations. You can make a Scarecrow with any personality you want! Scary, silly, friendly, or even a favorite character. But for Halloween celebrations, people prefer scarecrows with scary shapes and faces. You can make a scarecrow by combining human shells, twigs and white pumpkin. then put your work in front of the door of the house to welcome your guests.

Scarecrow is a symbol for Halloween and is a lively way to decorate your home during the autumn months. Scarecrows can make people smile by looking at them. For the head of a scarecrow, you can make it from fabric. In making a simple scarecrow, materials that you need to be prepared are used cloth, mini clothes, and straw. With a little effort and creativity, a scarecrow can be used as decoration on the dining table and also for home door decorations.


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