Making mosaic is interesting DIY to do. With DIY mosaic, you can add a pop of color in an unique way. There are vary of materials to choose and plus, this project is great for indoor or even outside. From the intricate and unique designs to the colors, everything is beautiful!

Make this cute DIY mosaic snail to beautify your garden space

Inventive use of DVD to make this DIY DVD mosaic high gloss resin tray

Give your vase a new life by adding this mosaic from mirror glass

Create a bowl using sea-glass

Cover flower pots with broken China

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Upcycle your jar lid by adding a mosaic and finish it with resin and a beautiful coaster is ready

Turn your chair into a bedside table by adding some broken glass or tiles just like in the picture above

Just build your raised bed and then add your mosaic decorations

Just break down the CDs and then put them together mosaic style to create this lovely birdbath

Improve the look of your entryway and get a great address marker at the same time with this mosaic project using tiles, broken dishes, or just about any other glass

image source

Recycle chips Pringles can into a DIY mosaic flower vase using stone

Embellish the basic frame as you please, with tile or reclaimed wood on top, whatever suits your style

Do something with your outdoor space by making this adorable DIY mosaic garden art

DIY wine bottle caps table

DIY glass ball made with broken tiles and gemstones for garden

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