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17 DIY Wind Chimes to Inspire You

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Listening to wind chime is so relaxing. There’s just so much beauty in wind chimes that maybe you all would like to make your own. That is why, we’ve collected these 17 DIY wind chime ideas to inspire you. Make your own and enjoy the the beautiful melody that come out from your own wind chime!

Vintage cookie cutters, silver spoons, keys, beads, and buttons get new life as shabby-chic DIY wind chimes with charm

This bright set of DIY wind chimes is made from old tin cans of different sizes painted in various shades of blue

If you have a bag full of shells, upcycle them into a set of a beachy DIY wind chimes

Hang them from a few chains attached to a simple ring for a sweet-voiced wind chime

Don’t throw out that old rusted bicycle—upcycle it

An old silver spoons turns into a sparkling set of DIY wind chimes anchored by a piece of driftwood

A simple terra-cotta flowerpot, some fishing line, floral wire, a washer, acrylic paint, and flat glass shell pieces are all you need to create a playful DIY wind chime

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You’ll need a beautiful branch, some transparent thread and something to make holes into the seashells

You could also use a few small clay flowerpots

Make tiny holes in each one and insert transparent thread. Then hang them from a piece of driftwood and add a bead at the end to secure the knot.

Drill tiny holes in the driftwood and attach the shelf with bead thread

Another ingenious idea would be to use an old xylophone toy

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Paint some bottle caps, arrange your beads, and add a bell or two and you have the necessary elements for this fun, wind-frolicking instrument

Make a statement with this large mother-of-pearl shell as it sets the stage for the ideal home of several beaded strands and chimes to create this gorgeous and unique wind chime

Here you can find them weaving their magic in geometric triangles and rhombuses as they hang down to suspend gorgeous gold lines surrounding a circle

Head out onto your front porch and enjoy the gentle breeze and the soft chime of your simple DIY repurposed key and mason jar ring wind chime

Add some texture to your outdoor garden with this spectacular silver metal heart wind chime

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