Let’s welcome summer by upgrading your home decor. Get rid of pieces that are dark, gloomy or fussy and stow away heavy accessories at home. Check out these 10 DIY summer crafts project to boost your home decor below and have a great summer time!

1. DIY Summer Snow Globes

Glue the custom summery plastic figurines on the jar lids and fill the jar with water. Add glitters and some drops of glycerin, and your summer globe is done.

2. DIY Summer Fruit Trays

Give your guest a summer feeling by serving the drink suing this adorable summer fruit tray. All you need is just a custom wooden round which can be painted to look like a fruit slice.

3. Colorful DIY Marbled Hanging Planter

All you need to do is just give your ceramic pot a marble effect by add custom nail polish in water tub, stir them and dip the pots in it.

4. DIY Mason Jar Pineapple and Tags

Paint the mason jar, filled it with candies and succulents at the top, and this mason jar is ready to become your home decor centerpiece.

5. DIY Coasters

Give your dining table an amazing coasters. This coasters are made of white bathroom tiles that covered with vinyl stencils and then paint them.

6. DIY Coffee Filter Butterflies

Tie the pipe cleaners to the center of your finally finished and painted coffee filters to bring them to butterfly shape and these pipe cleaners will also make the antenna of butterfly! Hang these butterflies up in the air using a string.

7. DIY Superhero Terrarium

This mini terrarium is made of a glass vase filled half with sand and then the custom decorations have been added like the semi-precious stones, succulent plants and the of course with a superhero figure, here the captain America has been put in the terrarium!

8. DIY Lego Key Holder

A beautiful looking lego key holder has been made that will also make a unique decor for your entryway and is something super beautiful to look at.

9. DIY Summer Fort

This summer fort has been done using the thicker wooden dowels that builds the tee-pee style frame of the fort and next the entire frame has been cover with the sheer tabbed curtains that come with straps which have been slipped onto the cross dowel braces or supports.

10. DIY LOVE Yarn Fonts

Make the custom fonts, letters and symbols using the pipe cleaners and your scrap yarn to be your interior wall or an instant decorative statements for your home.

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