Wedding day is the most special day for everyone. We all desire to have the best wedding ceremony that will run perfectly. In wedding, there are many things that you need to consider. But sometimes, the limit of your budget is become the main problem. Worry not, because there are so many ways that you can do even with a small budget. We’ve rounded up beautiful arrangement that you can craft for your wedding day. Check out these 10 DIY floral arrangement that you can use on your wedding day below. And your wedding will be full of beautiful flowers that come out just exactly the way you want.

1. DIY Floral Centerpiece

Cut out the middleman and assemble this graceful arrangement in minutes using faux blooms to be a statement centerpieces for every table.

2. Naked Cake with Flower Topper

This cake idea is so easy to assemble yourself. This is the most budget-friendly alternative that is so beautiful as your wedding cake.

3. DIY Hanging Flower Installation


Decor your venue with this colorful element to create a magical canopy of color and texture. Basically, it is just a wooden canvas frame with chicken wire stapled to the back. This is so simple but give a huge effect to decorate your wedding venue.

4. Geometric Floral Mobiles

Add this geometric floral mobiles to frame your wedding venue and also add color to your gift table or bar.

5. Ultra Violet Bouquet

Step aside blush pink. All you need is some purple flower such as anemones, wisteria and allium to make this gorgeous ultra violet wedding bouquet.

6. DIY Bountonnieres

Give your groomsmen a punchy pop of color with these mini boutonnieres. Ranunculus, billy balls, sprigs of yellow acacia, a tiny spring of rice flower, and your mini boutonnieres is ready.

7. Succulent Flower Crown

If you want to be the a princess on your wedding day by wearing a crown, this succulent flower crown is all you need.

8. DIY Floral Photo Backdrop


Make your own photo-booth using a pegboard florals and greenery.

9. Hanging Floral Chandelier

Set the head table apart with this magnificent chandelier and give your wedding the wild romantic garden feel you’ve been dreaming about.

10. Floral Hair Comb

If you are not in crown, opting for this adorable floral hair comb for your hair accessories on your wedding day. And it is so easy to incorporate your updo with this floral hair comb.

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