Every space in your home is enhanced with beautiful light and illumination from natural means like sunlight to artificial means such as lamps and lighting fixtures. When choosing lampshade, choose the one that compliment the colors in your space. Look at the base and lampshade as a pair. Don’t forget to decide how your lampshade will fit in your interior.

Also determine if your lampshade is for ambiance, function or both. Consider to use light toned shades for more light diffusion into your space and use darker shades to create a mood or ambiance in your space. When you feel that finding the right lampshade that is perfect for your space is a bit impossible, or if DIY is your middle name, check out these 10 DIY lampshade ideas below to inspire you.

1. DIY Map Lampshade


To make this project, all you need is a lampshade, a cutting board, permanent spray adhesive, an exacto knife an of course the map.

2. DIY Doily Covered Lampshade

Remove all the fabric or fiberglass surrounding your old lampshade, so it is only the skeleton that left. Lay the doilies out in the dimensions of your lamp shade, and stitch them with embroidery floss.

3. DIY City Skyline Lampshade

Select an image and cutting it out of black paper, place the cut-outs inside the lamp shade so the shadow would show up when you flipped on the lamp.

4. DIY Ruffled Burlap Lampshade

Tie burlap strips together after getting ruffled, then place it over a lamp base for a cozy lamp manifestation.

5. DIY Chopstick Lampshade

Prepare a pack of chopsticks and put them together using glue and hemp twine.

6. DIY Ombre Hair Dye Lampshade

Scoop out a dollop of dye and stir it into the water and mix it well. Place your lampshade carefully into your dye bath and watch the pink water start to wick up into the damp fabric.

7. DIY Zip Tie Lampshade

Create this gorgeous and unique lamp shade using a pack of 1000 zip ties.

8. Redesigned Art Style Lampshade DIY

Make use of fabric with printed artistic textures, for cool lampshade makeovers just like in the picture above.

9. DIY Rustic Linen Pendant Lampshades

If you need a large lampshades to fit to general aesthetic of your home, consider this rustic linen lampshade.

10. Book Lampshade

Pass the string through the page corners of the book by making holes with hand-drill and mount the bulb over the tabletop.

Other Gallery for DIY Lampshade Ideas You Need to Try from Pinterest

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