Many people think that one of the hardest thing that is hard to throw or even donate to other is jeans. The reason is perhaps because how expensive it was. But it is also impossible to wear your old fashion jeans, and if you keep it, it is only make your drawer is full of unused jeans. Do not throw it away, give them a new life with these 10 DIY home decor using your old jeans.

1. Denim Cushion

Dress up your bench with a comfy denim box cushion. All you need is multipurpose foam, several pairs of clean old jeans, sharp fabric scissor and sewing machine.

2. Denim Rag Rug

Turn your old jeans into this denim rag rug. Cutting the fabric into two to four-inch strips, loop each piece through a different hole in the rug liner and then knot.

3. Denim Basket


All you need is a container to use as a template for your basket, one or more pairs of jeans and sewing machine and this denim basket is ready for you.

4. Denim Wall Hanging

Beautify your empty wall space with this creative denim wall hanging. Prepare an old denim jeans, wooden dowel and twine for hanging the finished masterpiece.

5. Denim Placemats

Slice of the pant legs, and cut the seam that runs across the crotch as if you were making a short skirt. Separate the back of the jeans from the front by cutting the side seams. Make sure your placement is rectangular by neatening up the three cut sides with scissors. Sew a straight line near the edges you just cut to prevent excessive fraying.
Toss the placemat in the wash to fray the cut edges.

6. No-Sew Denim Wall Storage

Just glue the pocket part of your jeans in a Styrofoam board and this no-sew denim wall storage is ready .

7. No-Sew Denim Coasters

Repurpose your jeans pockets into coasters. Leave a half inch of material around each pocket when cutting them out.

8. Denim Sunflower Rug


Transforming those denim bottoms you never wear into a wow-worthy sunflower rug. Even better, your friends will never guess that it’s a snap to make. Basic sewing tools are required including a sewing machine with a denim needle and a trusty pair of fabric scissors.

9. Denim Bean Bag Chair

This DIY project is the one that you can make for $100 or less.

10. Denim Hexagon Pillow

Prepare a hexagon template, canvas fabric for the pillow cover, fabric glue, iron, thread in different denim shades and pillow form to start this DIY project.

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