If you are the artistic type who likes to explore, experiment and reinvent thing, then bohemian is the best style for you. This style is great for someone who live unconventional and like to mix the colors, patterns and textures without paying attention to any fancy rules. Check out these 10 boho Chic DIY home decor ideas to beautify your space below.

1. DIY Pom Pom

This versatile project can be multi functional; to warm up your floor as a rug, or even to beautify your wall.

2.  Color Block Candles

Make your own candles. For aesthetic look, color the candles and you can also add a few drops of aromatic oils to the wax blend to get your favorite scents in it.

3. Circular Wall Hanging


Mix and match yarn colors and use this wall hangings to add instant boho flair to any of your wall space.

4. Stump Coffee Table

Make this creative stump-turned-coffee-table by painting the stump in any color that you like, then finish it off with varnish.

5. Pleated Pom Pom Curtains



Add a touch of cozy to your curtains without the risk of making them dense and heavy. This curtains can stay light and airy while their plush new accent appeals to your cozy aesthetic.

6. DIY Feather Wall Hanging

Add a touch of gold for warmth and watch as the breeze from your window flips with these DIY feather wall hanging.

7. Macrame Wall Hanging

This macrame wall hanging is so easy and chic to make and the color can complement your decor, too.

8. DIY Washi Tape Furniture


Decorate your plain and boring furniture with washi tape to make your home look best. This project is so easy and simple to do and it is perfect project for unleashing your inner artist and getting creative with your design.

9.  Braided Mirror DIY

This project is so easy to do. Just glue the braid cotton cording onto any mirror shape.

10. DIY Shibori Indigo Wall Hanging

This simple DIY shirobu indigo wall hanging makes quite a statement to your wall space without all the fuss of sewing anything.

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